Coll Baix in Mallorca – a wild, inaccessible bay in Mallorca.

Many of you before leaving for Mallorca ask me about the wild beaches where there are no crowds. I immediately point out that in high season in any place in Mallorca will be people, so for a quiet, peaceful place is really hard. On the other hand, Coll Baix in Mallorca is one of the bays, which is really hard to get to and depending on the time and season the traffic may be definitely less there. The beach is pebble/stone, so proper shoes will come in handy here, both for the trail and for the water.

It’s also important to note that since the bay is located in the north of the island, there are increased winds which means the water is certainly cooler and often turbulent. Many people travel to this beach by water. This is offered by many companies organizing catamaran tours or private boat rental companies in the north of the island. However, if you decide to walk there, be patient.

How to get to Coll Baix in Mallorca?

The easiest way is to rent a car and park it in the free parking lot as close to the trail as possible. Along the way, you really pass a lot of people who go to the creek on foot – which I admire, because it is more than an hour’s walk. The road goes through the forest and I should warn you that it is not the easiest road to drive on. There are quite a few potholes and ruts, but with sufficient speed you will not encounter problems.

After parking the car, we head towards the sea, and the whole trail leads through the forest. After a few minutes you reach the slightly more difficult part of the trail, which is the descent on the rocks. Fortunately, all the time you can hold on to the wooden hoops. At the very end of the route we can see a beautiful bay, but here is the most difficult stage – crossing the rocks.

There is no security here, so you have to be very careful. Remember to bring proper shoes, plenty of water and snacks as there is no bar on the beach. It is also unguarded and there are no toilets. You will also meet nudists here.

Who is this wild bay suitable for?

People who are adventurous will find themselves on this bay, as well as those who are fans of jumping into the water, diving, or snorkeling. Due to the large number of rocks, you will encounter a lot of fish, so I recommend taking masks with you. I do not recommend this place for families with children – unless you go here by water. If difficult access to the beaches is not a problem for you, this is also the place for you, because the views are beautiful!

I must admit that while the descent is not that hard, the return to the parking lot can be tiring because most of the time you walk uphill. So remember to leave some water for the return trip. Along the way you can meet wild goats, and in front of the parking there are also recreational areas where you can sit and eat in peace.

What to see in the Coll Baix in Mallorca?

Aside from more wild bays with heavy access in this incredibly scenic and mountainous place, look out for slightly more accessible places like the local town of Alcudia, or one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, Pollenca. If you would like to head to a sandy beach, then be sure to head to Playa de Muro.

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