Porto Cristo in Mallorca – a beautiful port town in the east.

Porto Cristo in Mallorca is known to many for the fact that this is where the famous Cuevas del Drach, or dragon caves, are located. In addition, the world-famous tennis player was born in this city, who still lives in Mallorca and even has his own academy and museum here. We’re talking about Rafael Nadal, of course. In the harbor there is even his catamaran, which strongly stands out from the others – not only in size, but also beautiful workmanship. Interestingly, the catamaran was manufactured in Poland.

Why visit Porto Cristo in Mallorca?

This town is most often visited after a visit to the caves. I, however, sincerely recommend to come here to all who are in the eastern part of Mallorca. This town has its own charm and the beach is very scenic. What makes this town even more appealing is the large harbor where you can buy a great cruise. By taking part in such a cruise, you will see the east coast from a completely different perspective.

The beach in Porto Cristo is sandy, but since it’s right next to the port, you can’t count on crystal clear water here. The beach is also guarded and the water is shallow, so it’s a great choice for families with children. It is very easy to get to the city by public transportation, as well as by bike – there is a great bike trail leading here. Every Sunday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm there is also a local market where you can buy great souvenirs, local products, clothes and much more.

Is it worth going to the port?

Definitely yes. Porto Cristo is quite a big city and the port here is really full of boats. Here you’ll find luxury yachts, small fishing boats as well as cruise ships. Walking into the harbor you’ll come across some great restaurants and you’ll get a feel for the local atmosphere. It’s a really picturesque place, so I recommend taking a walk, especially in the evening when everything is beautifully lit.

Another attraction is definitely the boardwalk by the beach. Just off the beach, there is a road that leads to a small exhibit of items that were used by locals to catch fish many years ago. From here, there will also be great views of the harbor and boats going out, as well as the brave ones who decide to jump into the water from the cliffs.

What to see near Porto Cristo in Mallorca?

Porto Cristo in Mallorca is also famous for its cliffs, from which the bravest jump, performing a variety of tricks. In the area there are caves Cuevas del Drach, the famous pearl factory Majorica, but also the beautiful Cales de Mallorca, or Cala Morlanda, a beautiful beach in Sa Coma, or a great attraction for children, Safari Zoo.

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