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Współpraca na Majorce


We are a couple living together in Mallorca. We would like to write that we chose this place, but we would be lying. This place chose us. This is where we met during my holidays on the island, when Piotrek was working in the hotel where I was staying. Our holiday adventure continues to this day and together we are spreading the love not only for Mallorca anymore, but also for the rest of the Balearic Islands, that is also Formentera, Menorca and Ibiza. If you want to know more about our story, you can take a look at the tab: ABOUT US


My education is related to tourism and, although I did not associate my future with this direction, when I landed in Mallorca I decided to “go back to my roots”, as in Mallorca most of the residents maintain themselves through tourism. I worked in hotels in various positions, attended language courses, and when I discovered that Mallorca lacks Polish bloggers, influencers, I knew it was something for me. In 2018, it was hard to find a blog about Mallorca or the Balearic Islands. So I decided to test my strength in this area and started investing in learning about social media management.

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Peter, on the other hand, is self-taught. As a young boy who grew up in Mallorca, he very quickly started working in tourism. On the other hand, his passion is computer science, coding, DIY, and computer games. Without his help, the blog would not exist. He is the one who takes care of modifications on the blog, new releases, works on new projects and graphic processing. He is also my photographer and helper. He is the one who largely taught me how to use photoshop, lightroom, how to edit videos and what equipment to choose for specific projects… 

Together we make the perfect team that complements each other. We are creative, we follow trends, and we also create our own. In a way, we are forerunners and together we ensure that our brand is associated with the Balearic Islands, travel, professionalism, individuality and great memories.


We make sure that each of our collaborations looks aesthetically pleasing, is in line with our beliefs, and highlights the strengths of the company or product we are advertising.

The products, places or services we recommend are well known among our readers. We regularly receive comments from our followers, who describe to us their positive experiences based on our recommendations.

We have solid, long-term partnerships that enjoy mutual satisfaction, and mutual customers return to us with positive comments

Depending on the type of collaboration, we always try to present the product so that it achieves the best possible results. For this we use tools that are currently trending and blend in with the application or search engine algorithm



Our content appears on the first pages of a Google search. In many cases we are also on the first position.

tour itineraries

We are the only ones to offer personalised Balearic Islands tour plans based on our own travels and experiences.

Balearic Islands

We have the only blog in Polish that describes all the Balearic Islands and helps tourists get to know the island before they go on holiday.


On our blog, readers can assign the places we describe to locations on the map and create their own itineraries during their stay on any of the Balearic Islands.


We verify our collaborations and do not advertise, unproven products and services by us. We make sure that our readers and observers get the best, because their experiences testify to our services.


We are authentic in the running of our social media. We also describe the bad sides of life in the Balearic Islands and the problems we face as islanders. This translates into a good reception with our readers, who are very keen to read such content.


Fans of Spain and the island atmosphere that the Balearic Islands offer.

People who don't know where to start and are looking for reliable help from scratch.

Lovers of beautiful landscapes, paradise beaches and landscape photography.

Travellers who seek out places outside the popular guidebooks.

People who are keen to learn the stories of local people.

Tourists who are looking for verified information and guidance.


Współpraca na Majorce



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