Playa de s’Illot in Mallorca

Playa de s’Illot in Mallorca, also called Cala Victoria is a beautiful place in the north of Majorca, very close to the town of Alcudia. Although the beach is rocky, it is also suitable for families with children, because the stones are very small and of different shapes, so there is little risk of injury. Nevertheless, I recommend taking swimming shoes with you because there are pebbles in the water as well. The water here is crystal clear and the views are out of this world. The bay is surrounded by mountains, so the views are not only of the sea, but also of the surrounding coastline. It is very impressive.

You won’t rent beach chairs on the beach, but there are restaurants nearby. One of them is located in the Victoria sanctuary on the hill, and the other is near the bay. The access to the beach is through the rocks, which is why people with disabilities or families with strollers might have a hard time here. It is worth mentioning, however, that the distance from the parking lot to the beach is really short, so it is worth giving this place a chance. Another advantage of Playa de s’Illot, as its name suggests (s’Illot – la isla – an island in Spanish), has a tiny island, literally a few meters offshore, which only adds to the charm of this place.

The parking lot is located just behind the beach. However, it is small in size, so I would definitely recommend arriving early so as not to risk running out of space during rush hour. Bring your own headgear and umbrellas, as there is a lack of shelter from the sun here. If you have a smaller budget, stock up on food and drink as the local restaurants are rather expensive. It’s also worth mentioning that this is a perfect place for those who like to dive with a mask. The rocky beaches and rocks are always a great place for fish!

What to do near Playa de s’Illot in Mallorca?

In the area is definitely worth seeing Ermita la Victoria, or the old chapel, which once served as accommodation for priests and monks, and is now turned into a hotel. A place worth visiting in the area is of course the beautiful town of Alcudia and the Playa de Alcudia, or the longest beach on Mallorca, Playa de Muro. I could not fail to mention that Playa de s’Illot is not so far from the famous town of Pollensa or one of the most famous attractions on Mallorca, Cape Formentor.

I’m waiting for your opinions about the beautiful bay of Cala Victoria, otherwise known as Playa de s’Illot in Mallorca. I know that many people have never been there, so I am even more curious if any of my readers have been there and recommend this place. I’m delighted with both the beach and the beautiful views. I invite you to express your opinion in the comments!

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