Calo des moro – how to get to this bay?

The bay is just next to Cala S’Almunia, you can take a bus that leaves from Santanyi or by car. However, there is no possibility of parking the car there. The nearest car park is on Cami Cala Llombards. However, it has few parking spaces, so as always – I recommend going there in the morning, preferably at 7/8 in the morning. Access from the car park to Cala S’Almunia will take approximately 15 minutes, and Cala S’Almunia at Calo des Moro will take approximately 10 minutes. The second option is to park the car right at the descent to the beach. However, this often threatens with a mandate and the places are really missing.

parking cala salmunia

Calo des Moro is announced by many – the most beautiful bay in Mallorca.

The beach there is a nudist beach, so go there – remember to respect it. Going to the beaches is quite difficult for small children. They are led by small, steep stairs of stone and sand – it is easy to slip there. However, it does not cause more difficulties for adults. The water is shallow and crystal clear. The beaches are surrounded by rocks and high cliffs, where you can walk. There are view points above the beach. At the information board there are cans to which you can throw in money that is spent on the maintenance of the beach. This is the family who lives in the area and keeps the bay in perfect condition.

There are no sun loungers for rent or a bar on the beach.

Be sure to get food and drink. There is also no store in the area. The beach is really small, so it’s worth going to it as soon as possible. A large part of the beach is also occupied by stones. There is also a small grotto. The perfect place for people who like shade on the beach. If you are going to Calo des Moro you will not miss a visit to Cala S’Almunia, which you have to go to get here. If you park a car in the parking lot, which I mentioned earlier – I heartily recommend going to Cala Llombards. Calo des Moro is a place that is definitely worth visiting during your stay in Majorca. Honestly? If I missed this place, I would bitterly regret it. Here is a link to the post about the secondary Cala S’Almunia: