Cala S’Almunia, Majorca – is a bay, which is located next to the most besieged beach in Mallorca.

What does it mean? It means crowds, lack of parking spaces and lack of space on the beach. However, everyone wants to go to Cala S’Almunia or Calo des Moro. And I’m not surprised at all. These places are unearthly, with beautiful views and amazing atmosphere. The water is crystal clear and shallow – what more could you want?

Where to park the car and how to leave Cala S’Almunia early?

Majorca in the season is a lot of tourists. If you want to stay on the beach in Mallorca and want to lay a towel there. I recommend going there in the morning. And I mean 7/8 in the morning! It is not possible to rent a deckchair on every beach and there is no bar on every beach. That’s why I recommend getting food in advance and most importantly – water. What is the situation with the parking lot?

parking cala salmunia

If you get lucky and leave in the morning, there is a chance that you park your car right on the beach (follow the signs!).

The parking spaces there are only curbs. There is no parking there. However, if you are going to the beach later. I recommend you try to park your car in the Cami Cala Llombards car park. It will take about 15/20 minutes to reach the beach from that parking lot. You can also park in “wild”, however, it threatens with a mandate. The majority of the areas there are private and hunting grounds. The owners hate parking in their area and eagerly make calls. You can also get there by bus, which stops right next to the stairs to the beach (leaves from Santanyi).

To get to Cala S’Almunia you have to go down 200 steps.

Cala S’Almunia is rocky. It is surrounded by huge cliffs. The water is beautiful there and it is crystal clear. Most importantly, it is also a beach for nudists, so you should respect it. Many people put the towels on the port there because the ground is flat. In addition to the charming harbor, there is also a very small beach and a fishing village. You can currently rent accommodation there. And also a small cave, which the youngsters like to jump to! There is no bar or restaurant in the area, so it is important to stock up on food and drink.

Next to the Cala Salmunia, there is the famous Calo des Moro.

I describe this place in the second post, the link here: Cala S’Almunia and Calo des Moro are really well maintained. This natural area has been occupied for years by a family who lives in the area. Information boards are fitted with cans for which you can throw in money. It will help to keep the beaches and bays clean. I definitely recommend going to both of these bays, in the morning. Then you will be able to park peacefully and spread out on the beach. These places are breathtaking. They offer not only clean water and beaches, but also wondeful views. And for lovers of walking on the cliffs – there is a lot of opportunities to be there.