Figuera harbor, Majorca.

Figuera harbor is located on the map of Majorca in two places. In this post, we take a closer look at the port bay of Figuera, which is located in the south of the island, in the municipality of Santanyi. This bay is located near towns such as Cala D’or, Portopetro, Cales de Mallorca and Colonia de Sant Jordi. If you are going on your vacation in those areas, it is definitely also worth visiting Cala Figuera.

Figuera harbor is a rather less crowded place for tourists.

However, I mean accommodation, because the area is incredibly picturesque. There are not many hotels and other accommodation facilities here. However, there are several restaurants here. Cala Figuera is a beautiful place, ideal for a romantic walk or watching the sunset. The bay is narrow and quite small, there are a lot of boats and garages with doors of different colors, stretching to the very end of the bay.

Cala Figuera is certainly a calm and quiet place, which is worth going through. It is full of fishermen and water sports enthusiasts, or owners of luxury yachts. The bay is surrounded by medium-high cliffs, which are covered in typical Majorca nature. Of course, there will also be tall, crooked pines!

Like a port, they are also cats!

There are plenty of them here, they are certainly fed by fishermen every day. However, they are wild, rather dirty and often sick or bitten. In addition to the mass of kittens, large fishing nets of various colors and weaves appear immediately in the harbor. Usually in port towns you can often see fishermen who are assembling nets. This is definitely a thankless job, very time consuming.

The White Lines series was filmed in Cala Figuera!

You can watch the White Lines series on Netflix, it is shot in many places in Majorca. Among others, on the fishing bay of Figuera, in the restaurant Illeta in the town of Sant Elm and in many many other towns. The stage in Cala Figuera is shot along with the celebration of the patron saint of fishermen – La Virgen del Carmen. The procession is taking place in the series! So you can see what the celebration of the patron of port towns and fishermen looks like!

The bay of Cala Figuera harbor is not suitable for sunbathing.

However, there will definitely be people here who try it. This beautiful bay is an ancient fishing town with well-preserved fishing houses. There are many boats and yachts moored in the port, so this is not the safest place to swim. However, definitely, thanks to the bay structure – cliffs and rocky ground, there will be many interesting varieties of water creatures for diving enthusiasts. We saw sepia and stingray during our walk! Which is really rare, haha!

Places around Cala Figuera harbor that may interest you:

Es Trenc beach:
Es Pontas view point:
Pool hidden in rocks:
Botanicactus, cactus garden:
Calo des Moro:
Cala S’almonia:
Mondrago natural park:

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