Cala Marmols

I don’t even remember since I was planning to go to Cala Marmols. Every time I had everything planned, the weather turned out to be playing tricks and I had to change my plans. In the end we succeeded and we reached this small cove, hidden between the cliffs. The biggest problem is that to get to it you have to get a little tired.

How to get to Cala Marmols?

We have several options to choose from. One of them is going by car to Cap de Ses Salines (lighthouse) and park there, on the side of the road. When you see the lighthouse, turn left behind it and trample over 5 kilometers on foot, which gives you an hour or so one way. The second option is another trip on foot, from the bay of Cala Salmonia. We go to the right, not left. The route is similar. However, I think a bit more comprehensive. The last option, the best, is to go to Cala Marmols passing the fence to the private area.

Entrance to Cala Marmols by going through private area.

I do not urge anyone to break into someone else’s area, but so many people do, and we also used this option. It is very easy to find the gate to the private area, because you can see there are cars there. The gate is locked with a padlock, but there are holes in the wall nearby, and in addition tourists have made it easier and destroyed a piece of the owner’s fence, through which everyone jumps. There is a suspicion that Waspolicja may catch, but believe me. This person has hectares of land and does not even hear anyone entering his area. This person’s house is located on the side of the road among the trees. If you follow the beaten track, you will certainly not reach his door. The road to the bay itself is worn and very simple. You will reach it to the beach.

Cala Marmols its a virgin bay on which You can get by boat.

Many people choose to travel to All Marmols by barge. This is definitely a great adventure, I also know that during the cruise you visit the surrounding wild beaches. However, it usually ends with exploring the beach only from a boat. Nothing to spend time on the beach. Of course, it depends on the company. When we were at Cala Marmols, people from the boat did not see the interior of the bay. It is too shallow for the boat to enter. A big plus, however, is seeing many bays from the sea. And the fact that you can spin on the boat and jump into the wonderful, crystalline waters. However, I recommend you to go to Cala Marmols on foot!

How long does it take to go to Cala Marmols from private area?

Only 20 minutes. It’s at least half as much as with Cap de Ses Salines. And there will be a lot of shade! There is no store, toilet, shower, bar or restaurant on Cala Marmols. It is also lacking in the immediate vicinity. The nearest store can be found in Ses Salines, which is located a few kilometers from the beach. That is why I heartily recommend you to get water, food and filters! I also recommend disguise clothes because salt can really tease!

Can You get to Cala Marmols by bus?

Unfortunately not. By bus the furthest will take you to Ses Salines and from there you would have to walk really long. It could take a good couple of hours. I do not recommend. I also do not recommend a trip to Cala Marmols by bike. The route is not difficult, but there is also no designated path for bicycles. Just what to do with the bike afterwards? Well, unless you’re hardcore and you like to carry your bike on your back for several kilometers. I don’t laugh, I admire it.

How does Cala Marmols look like?

The beach is medium-sized, sandy. There were no algae there, but the water was not completely clear. The water is shallow and very pleasant. Both swimming and walking you can get to a small cave, which you can see in the pictures! There are no huge crowds on the beach, but it is not empty either. Many people sunbathe there naked and topless. There is also sand in the water. There will be some large stones, but you can see them through the water, so you can easily avoid them.

Where to eat around Cala Marmols?

In Ses Salines you will find plenty of restaurants. But one is really impressive and the food there is delicious. I will not mention the atmosphere of the restaurant. The place is wonderful. The name of the restaurant is Cassai Restaurant & Cafe. Table must be booked in advance, otherwise you may find there is no space or a limited time to eat. Prices start from 15 euros per meal. I heartily recommend you to look at my instagram, where you will find reports from both Cassai restaurants. I invite you here: Cassai is also famous for its stores, which are always located next to the restaurant. Handmade furniture, clothes, towels, candles and other home accessories as well as cosmetics are sold there.

Where else to go around Cala Marmols?

Near All Marmols there is also another wild beach, Es Caragol. To reach it, unfortunately, you have to go to the Cap de Ses Salines lighthouse and walk on the right for about 20 minutes. During the trip you will be able to admire the view of the island of Cabrera. Along the way, there will be many spots where nudists break down. Sama Es Caragol is a nudist beach. It is not as crowded as other Majorcan beaches, but it is difficult to be alone on it. Unless in winter! Here I invite you to post about this beach:

If you are not interested in Es Caragol, I heartily recommend you to go to Calo des Moro and Cala Salmunia These are some of the most beautiful bays in Majorca, which are definitely worth visiting. They also need to be reached on foot, about 20 minutes. The car is parked in a special car park. Another great spot is, of course, the famous Es Trenc beach or another bay with giant cliffs – Cala Pi If you would rather spend time in some climate town, then for the evening I would recommend the beautiful Santanyi!