Ses Salines in Mallorca

Ses Salines in Mallorca is a very small town located on the southeastern part of the island. If you want to get to know the real Mallorca, local, authentic, austere and, most importantly, still caring about the cultural heritage, traditions and agriculture from which the island’s inhabitants earned their living, then Ses Salines will be a perfect example of such a place. The town is surrounded by orchards, cultivated fields, and not far away are the salt pans (Salinas de Es Trenc), where salt is extracted, which once supplied the entire island.

This part of the island is extremely authentic and simple. In the off season, you won’t find too many foreigners living here. This is where you can meet the vast majority of local residents. Not far from Ses Salines is the southernmost part of the island, namely Faro de Ses Salines. Due to its location, the town was attacked by Roma and pirates, and the possibility of salt mining was a bargaining chip back then.

What to do in and around Ses Salines in Mallorca?

The area contains the remains of some of the island’s earliest inhabitants, the so-called talaiots. The local architecture, churches and buildings are sometimes hundreds of years old. Many houses and buildings are built of local stone and sandstone. The town of Ses Salines itself is small in size but charming and the local boutiques, cafes and restaurants are just begging to be visited. One of these restaurants is the famous Cassai.

One thing is for sure, the town of Ses Salines is “un encanto”! And its surroundings is “una maravilla de paisaje”, because the landscapes in the area knock you off your feet. Be sure to visit the surrounding beaches, such as: Playa Es Trenc, Platja des Dolc, Es Carbo, as well as the beautiful bay Cala Marmols, or a nudist beach Es Caragol. If it comes to interesting towns in the area I would recommend Santanyi and the beautiful fishing town of Cala Figuera, or a little closer Botanicactus gardens.

Or have any of you visited the town of Ses Salines in Mallorca and are in love with it as I am? Do you recommend or advise against it? I look forward to your opinions in the comments!

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