Salinas de Es Trenc in Mallorca

Salinas de Es Trenc in Mallorca are nothing but brines. Salt is mined on all the islands of the Balearic Islands. Many years ago it was one of the main sources of income for the inhabitants of the islands. Some of the most famous salt mines are Salinas de Es Trenc, which are located in the central-southern part of Mallorca. The first thing I recommend you to do is to already sign up for a visit to the salt pans on the official website:

The Salinas de Es Trenc in Mallorca uses what nature gives in the best possible way, so that islanders as well as visiting tourists can experience the taste of the local high quality salt. Special rafts are used in the salt pans to increase the concentration of salt in the water, and thanks to the canal connection with the sea through the beach of Es Trenc, an ideal ecosystem for birds is created. Among other things, thanks to this treatment, it is here in late summer that you can see the flamingos!

We must admit that salt is one of the most important spices in our kitchen, and we Poles love salty food. In addition, salt is also helpful in skin care, and many cosmetics have it in their composition. Salinas de Es Trenc is a place worth visiting, and an additional advantage of a guided visit is not only to learn about how salt is mined, but also the colorful bodies of water and the opportunity to see many species of birds that love salt water.

What to do in Salinas de Es Trenc area in Mallorca?

The obvious suggestion here would be to visit the paradise southern beaches, ie: Playa Es Trenc, Platja d’es Carbo, Es Caragol and located a little further away extremely picturesque bays such as Cala Pi, Calo des Moro, Cala Llombards or Cala Figuera. As far as towns are concerned, I highly recommend going to Santanyi, Las Salinas or Colonia de Sant Jordi. There are two great restaurants in the area, namely Cassai Beach Bar and Cassai Restaurante and Bar (I recommend the latter more).

In this region you will find many boutique stores selling clothes, home decorations, and products made from local salt. Share your opinions in the comments. Have you ever visited the salt pans in Mallorca? What are your impressions? Would you recommend other readers to visit this place?

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