Santanyi in Mallorca – a local town filled with culture and history.

Santanyi in Mallorca in my opinion is one of the places that are really worth visiting during your stay on the island. The town is located on the south east of the island, not far from some of the most beautiful bays on Mallorca. I call Santanyi the cultural capital of Mallorca because of the number of cultural events that take place here. Additionally, there are a lot of art galleries, museums, and even a theater here. I will tell you more about it in my YouTube video, to which I invite you now!

The town is extremely picturesque and scenic. You will find here beautiful frames, get lost in the narrow streets, sit for a coffee among the locals and eat real Mallorcan specialties. I do not have to persuade you?

Why visit Santanyi in Mallorca?

It is very interesting that many buildings on Mallorca are built of sandstone from Santanyi, this is the so-called “piedra de Santanyi” – We are also talking about the cathedral of la Seu. It is worth noting that the town of Santanyi itself is built from sandstone extracted from local quarries. The city walls were built to protect the community from the notorious raids of pirates and other enemies. We can see them now as we stroll through the town, but many years ago it was a necessity for the poor people of the area.

The town also has a whole host of brilliant restaurants, bars and cafes. Every Wednesday and Saturday from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm there is a market where you can buy souvenirs, local produce, clothes and shoes, as well as many original handmade accessories, sculptures and crafts. The town has a really brilliant atmosphere and is very local and unique. The town has a brilliant atmosphere and is very local and unique. You will experience the real climate of Mallorca even though it is overcrowded with tourists in high season.

What to do in the area?

It just so happens that the area around Santanyi is home to some of the most beautiful places on Mallorca. We are talking about Cala Llombards, Cala Santanyi, the beautiful port of Cala Figuera, Calo des Moro and Cala s’Almunia, or also Parc Natural de Mondrago, and even the salt pans, or Ses Salines, where you can see how salt is mined on Mallorca. You can see glimpses of these places in the YouTube video I uploaded above! I encourage you to watch it, so you can see Santanyi from a completely different perspective.

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