Camping in Majorca.

Camping in Majorca is a great idea. In general, a house on wheels is my little dream! So let’s bring camper enthusiasts closer to Majorca where they can stay overnight. I admit that there are not many places where you can leave carts in Majorca. As in every country, there are rules in Spain that must be followed. I buried it, read it and this is how the post was made!

I’ve always associated traveling around the world with car trips! I dream one day to buy a bus and renovate it so that it is home on wheels! Then I would travel the whole world. I also once thought about getting a driving license! Wow, riding a motorbike on such wonderful roads that lead to Deia, Valldemossa or Sa Calobra in Mallorca must be something beautiful! A dream that I hope will come true someday!

Free camping in Majorca is prohibited.

Some camping sites in Majorca are managed by IBANAT, the Institut Balear de la Natura – a Balearic nature / natural institute. Depending on the area you are going camping, you should read its regulations. In many IBANAT zones, the place must be reserved 3 months in advance, and the minimum time you need to spend there is 1 night to a maximum of 3 nights! Everything, however, depends on the place. It is also forbidden, inter alia, to play music and store animals on camping grounds.

Camping in Majorca – useful links:

At this link (which is very fresh, as of May 2020) you will find a list of campsites (not all) and prices and amenities provided by some camping zones in Majorca (in Spanish):
I recommend translating content into google translate!

And here are the official state restrictions on camping:
Also in Spanish! I recommend using google translate to translate. After entering the link, the search engine should automatically ask you to translate the page into your language!

Camping in Majorca – names of camping on the island:

Sa Font Coberta o Ca s’Amitger (Escorca)
– Es Pixarells (Lluc)
– S’Arenalet (Parc Natural de Llevant)
– Son Serra de Marina (Santa Margalida)
– La Trapa (Andratx)
– Hipocampo (Cales de Mallorca)
– Camp Escolta Poble Nou (Alcúdia)
– Sa Comuna (Buñola)
– Zona de acampada Camp Escolta Sa Torrentera (Sencelles)
– Zona de acampada Camp Escolta S’Alova (Sóller)

Here I invite you to the map I created, on which I included all the above camping sites. They are not 100% accurate addresses. The map is more about bringing you closer location! Link here:

Below these links you will find photos of some campsites, telephone numbers as well as detailed descriptions and addresses. Due to reluctance to copy, I invite you to devote more time and take information at source.

There are many recreational zones in Majorca!

In recreation areas we can creatively spend time with family. In addition, among nature and often near the beach. These zones have tables and chairs, specially designed stoves for bonfires and trashcans. Often there is also a firewood there! It is important not to litter and respect others when going to such zones. Below are the names of recreational zones and describe the rules in the zones.

List of recreational zones in Majorca:

Son Fortuny (Estellencs)
– Son Tries (Esporles)
– Caubet (Bunyola)
– Comuna de Bunyola (Bunyola)
– Comuna de Biniamar (Selva)

– Son Moragues (Valldemossa)
– Es Fornassos (Selva)
– Sa Coveta Negra (Selva)
– Sa Bassa de Fornalutx (Fornalutx)
– Ca s’Amitger (Escorca)
– Es Pixarells (Escorca)
– Sa Font des Noguer (Escorca)

– Sa Bassa de Fornalutx II (Fornalutx)
– Menut I (Escorca)
– Menut II (Escorca)
– Marjanor (Escorca)
– Puig de Maria (Pollença)
– Puig de Santuïri (Pollença)
– Cala Murta (Pollença)
– S’illot (Alcúdia)

– Coll Baix (Alcúdia)
– Can Picafort (Santa Margarita)
– Can Picafort II (Santa Margarita)
– Puig de Santa Magdalena (Inca) 
– S’Ermita de Llubí II (Llubí)
– Sa Sort de don Macià (Sencelles)
– Comuna Lloret (Lloret de Vistalegre)
– Puig de Consolació (Sant Joan) 
– Puig de Sant Salvador (Felanitx)
– Font de n’Alis (Porto Petro)
– Gorg Blau (Escorca)
– Puig d’en Galileu (Escorca)
– Sa Bisbal (Selva)
– Es Pont Trencat (Consell)
– Can Pancuit (Puig de Gràcia), (Llucmajor)
– S’Obac (Crestatx), (Sa Pobla)
– Santuario de Bonany (Petra)
– S’Amarador (Santanyi)
– S’Alquería Vella (Artá)
– Planícia (Banyalbufar)

At this link you will find a map of all recreation areas in the Balearic Islands:
And under this link the rules that should be followed when visiting recreational areas (in Spanish), which I mostly translated below:

Rules to be followed in recreational areas:

-all persons should segregate and dispose of rubbish in appropriate and designated space.
-if we are talking about lighting a grill or a bonfire, then there are appropriate regulations that I describe in depth in a post about burning bonfires in Majorca, here:
-in addition, it is worth mentioning that bonfires can be lit in recreational areas without administrative permits and only in designated areas, i.e. for example in special furnaces.
-anyone can use the oven while maintaining culture. The first person to use the furnace is the one who arrived first (of course, it’s good to get along with people around!)
-in recreational areas, firewood is usually prepared, which can be shared. Here I mark again – only in designated places, i.e. in furnaces.

-tables and benches in the recreation areas are for common use. There is no such thing as booking a table by leaving your belongings there. There must be people at the table if they want to sit at it.
-toilets are for shared use and order should be left behind.
-in recreational areas you cannot play music, unless the regulations in a given zone say otherwise.
-animals cannot be brought into the recreation areas.
-the car should be left in the parking lot in a designated place
-there are spaces for disabled people in the recreation areas. When they are not busy, you can use them. As soon as people with disabilities appear, you should immediately give them seats.
-the lowest possible water consumption is required within the recreation zones.

Camping in Majorca and recreation areas in the Balearic Islands.

As you can see, while there are many recreational zones in Majorca, there are far fewer camping sites. All this is due to the fact that Majorca is one large natural zone that is protected by the government. And the government is trying to interfere as little as possible with the nature of the island. Which, unfortunately, does not translate into human behavior. Keeping clean bordering on a miracle during the summer season on the island, when the mass of tourists leaves tons of garbage behind.

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