Deia, Majorca.

Deia is a beautiful town, and Cala Deia is a famous bay in Majorca. It is located right next to the town of Deia, which is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen on this earth. Deia is my favorite town in Majorca. It is very small, situated in the mountains, with a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is teeming with citrus trees, palms and pines. The climate is complemented by colorful buganvilla flowers. Walking the streets of this town we will come across many bars and restaurants with music. I would definitely recommend you to the Cafe Sa Fonda restaurant (on the right side of the street, stairs up!). It is very climate there and the prices are right.

Many celebrities come to the town of Deia. Every year during the holidays you can pass by the stars of many formats. Deia is an expensive place when it comes to accommodation. Definitely a place for people with more financial resources. The same applies to towns such as Valldemossa and Soller. Deia has plenty of restaurants with great views of the mountains and valleys. It is very green and insular here. The head turns in all directions and cannot keep up with the beauty!

What to see around Deia?

Deia is a town located in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains and its landscape is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This alone implies that you are in a unique place! Deia is a prehistoric town on Majorca and is one of the oldest on the island. It was here that one of the first settlers on the island settled, who lived in caves and ate what they hunted.

The town has the library of the writer Robert Graves, and currently there is a museum in his house! At Deia you can eat at the restaurant that has a Michelin star (Es Raco d’Es Teix). There is also an archaeological museum here, where you can learn about the history of this place. You will also buy beautiful ceramics here! In Deia, in addition to the above-mentioned attractions, you can indulge in a game of tennis or wander on the mountain trails, which are crazy at this place.

Bay among the mountains of Serra de Tramuntana.

Cala Deia is a beautiful, rocky bay hidden at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. There are two restaurants in the bay, one of which is famous for the whole island – Ca’s Patro March. To be honest with you, I must admit that the restaurant is highly overrated. Yes, the views are beautiful, because the restaurant is located right on the bay of Cala Deia, which is extremely picturesque. However, the prices are very high, really very high. You pay 27 euros for prawns in the starter and 45 euros for dinner. If you decide on drinks and starters only, you have 30 minutes at the table. You won’t get pizza, fries or spaghetti here. This is a restaurant with a high reputation and is based on seafood. The table must be reserved in advance! The second restaurant is located on the beach (first two photos below).

Cala Deia is suitable for people who love such picturesque views. There is also a large boulder from which you can jump into the water. The water is crystal clear and there are stones in the water. So I recommend taking rock shoes with you! You can also do water sports here. Yachts and boats like to moor here, so the views can be divine. It is a good place for diving, because there are plenty of rocks here! There are toilets (restaurants) as well as parking (extra charge).

The bay also serves as a port.

There are plenty of boats here, and on the right side of the bay you can see fishermen’s houses and garages on boats. Some of them are destroyed by water and waves. In summer, the beach is very crowded. In winter, you can see a river in both the town of Deia and the bay of Cala Deia! The same can be seen in the famous Sa Calobra bay. In summer, however, the stream dries up.

Sa Foradada, Majorca.

Driving to Cala Deia you must stop at least for two minutes at the Sa Foradada viewpoint (photos below). It is a huge, protruding cliff. For those willing – there is of course a trail leading to the very end of the cliff. If you have time, I recommend it! There are restaurants next to the viewpoint. There are a total of 3. One on the viewpoint, the other “under” the viewpoint and the third, the most famous on the cliff, where you should go on foot. You must reserve a table there in advance. The restaurant is closed in winter due to severe weather conditions.

Son Marroig, Majorca.

A white chapel in which Majorca weddings often take place. You can associate it with photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t do them – I am a weak blogger. However, I recommend you go there because the chapel is right next to Sa Foradada. Son Marroig is just a chapel, but also a beautiful viewpoint. Check opening hours before entering! 🙂

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