Sóller in Mallorca

Sóller in Mallorca is one of those towns that everyone who comes to Majorca hears about. If you ask the question “where is it worth going?”, the answer will be the town of Soller. Why? In my opinion, this town has its own unique atmosphere. It is of course famous for its delicious oranges, from which the locals make juice, ice cream, cakes and other products. You can of course buy them locally.

What else makes Sóller stand out is the orange train. I mention more about it in a post about Port de Sóller, which you can link to here: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/puerto-de-soller/. The famous, historic train can be taken from the capital of Majorca – Palma, all the way to Sóller, where you can change to a tram and go to the port – Puerto de Sóller. The cost of such a trip is: 30 euros for the train and about 7 euros for the tram (one way). You can find out more in the link above, where I describe it in detail.

In my opinion, the ride is well worth it, especially as we are riding in a historic building and passing mountains and valleys and plenty of orchards along the way. It is the only attraction of its kind in Mallorca and I think it is one of the attractions that should be included here.

The valley of gold and oranges in Mallorca.

Sóller in Mallorca is located in the north-west of the island, between the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, in a valley. Thanks to its location, apart from beautiful views, you can also indulge in the famous on Mallorca “senderismo”, or hiking on mountain trails. On the way to Sóller you will also meet a lot of cyclists. Mallorca attracts lovers of this sport every year. On the main square there is a beautiful church, which plays the main violin here and lands on all possible photos. And the local cafes, restaurants and the famous train de Soller passing through the middle of the square add to the charm!

Sóller is another town that is one of the older ones in Mallorca. Right next to Valldemossa, Deia, Fornalutx and many others. This place is one of those that started the culture on the island. It has always been visited by artists. Various cultural events are held here every year. A great importance for the town was oranges, whose quality and taste made the government decide to invest in the orange railway. Thanks to this, better roads were built to connect Sóller with the capital. This route used to be covered in over an hour on winding roads. Currently, the route from Palma to Soller is 30 minutes.

What is there to see in the Soller in Mallorca surroundings?

Right next to Sóller is the beautiful town of Fornalutx. Not to mention that it is worth visiting Puerto de Sóller, where there is a beautiful beach overlooking the cliffs. There are also great viewpoints – such as the lighthouse. From Soller it is also very close to the beautiful gardens of Jardines de Alfabia or the town of Valldemossa.

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