Magaluf in Mallorca.

Magaluf in Mallorca is a town that is located in the southwest of the island. It is actually famous for its huge parties and bad reputation. It is to Magaluf that all the young people go, hungry for holidays and fun in the clubs. Lots of Poles come there every year and many of them also live in the area.

Magaluf is the perfect place for a party person. The person who goes on holiday to really party. In high season you will not find peace and quiet here. The water in the sea from crystal clear becomes murky from the number of tourists. The streets and the beach are not the cleanest, and some of the sights can give you the creeps.

Magaluf in Mallorca has a bad reputation. Every year during the high season there are lots of articles in the newspapers showing how the authorities do not deal with drunken tourists. Sex on the street, nudity, drugs, jumping on balconies, destruction of property and of course a lot of clubs – this is what Magaluf is associated with.

What to do in Magaluf in Mallorca?

Despite the fact that this place attracts party people, families with children can also be spotted here. There are several hotels here that offer loads of activities such as slides and animation. In Magaluf itself there is also the Katmandu Park and the Western Water Park or the Pirates Show. Katmandu is a mini theme park with a rope park, mini golf, an illusion house and a mini water park. Western Water Park is a huge water park and Pirates Show is a pirate show, where you can watch various stunts and shows with music in the background – all kept in a pirate atmosphere. I strongly recommend all three places. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

In Magaluf you will also not be disappointed by the town centre, where there is a mass of restaurants, bars, my favourite ice cream parlour Rivareno and many shops with souvenirs, clothes etc.. It is worth adding that there is also a large police station and a mass of medical centres. So if something happens – there is somewhere to look for help. And in Magaluf it is very easy to have an accident and to steal. This place is not one of the safest, precisely because of the party climate.

You will also find a lot of stalkers who will hand you flyers to clubs. Here I will add that you should really take care of your own valuable things. In such places there are people who watch tourists and their cars. And while you go shopping on the promenade or to a restaurant, they steal your car at this moment, knowing that you will not return for a long time – how? Don’t worry, surely someone will be watching you and will give a “tip” to the other when you return to your car. This is just an example, but there are many such situations.

The beach in Magaluf in Mallorca

The beach in the town is sandy and long. You’ll see crystal clear water in the photos, but I took them in the low season, in 2020, when there was a pandemic around the world and no tourists on Mallorca. In high season there are crowds on the beach and the water looks a bit different. In the evenings the beach turns into a party place and only rubbish is left after the tourists. The water is shallow, suitable for children. There is also a characteristic pier. Cruises take place here, as well as parties on boats.

Parties in Magaluf in Mallorca

I think here it is not worth discussing which club in Magaluf is the best, because the truth is that you will see it by the number of people inside. And I know from experience that people have different tastes and what I like may not appeal to others. In Magaluf you will find everything from English pubs to karaoke to techno clubs with pole dancers. There is the famous beach club – Nikkie beach and the club, which is proclaimed the best on Mallorca – BCM. The main street full of clubs is Carrer Punta Ballena. Magaluf comes alive at night and is definitely the party capital of Mallorca.

For interest, I leave you with some links from newspapers describing drunken tourists in Magaluf and their actions:

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