Cala del Mago in Mallorca

Cala del Mago in Mallorca is a collection of several bays and a small port, located in the southwest of Majorca. I highly recommend you go there, because it’s definitely worth it. This place, in addition to being beautiful and picturesque, also has to offer mysterious caves in which there is a chapel.

Cala del Mago – the main beach

The main beach is sandy and there is free parking on the hill. It is also a nudist beach. There is also a bar with food and snacks on the beach itself. The water here is shallow and crystal clear, and there is a view of a mass of yachts. Even in winter, boats and yachts gather here as this bay really has a lot of admirers.

Right next to this beach is another bay called Calo dels Reis. There is not much to describe here, because the appearance of the beaches is very similar. Both are also sheltered by low cliffs, where you can take a leisurely stroll to walk around and viewpoints. From Calo dels Reis bay there is also a very nice view of Portals Vells harbor.

Cala Portals Vells.

The main beach of Portals Vells also has a beach bar, and parking is right behind it. The conditions at all the beaches are very similar. The only thing that makes them different is the height of the cliffs that surround them and the positioning of the parking lot or bar. All the beaches are very picturesque and it is definitely a place worth visiting. I highly recommend it.

Caleta de Portals Vells.

This is another cove, very small, but equally picturesque. Descent to it is a bit difficult, because you have to go through a piece of cliff. However, it is not very high, nor is it steep. From one bay to the other you can walk in about 3 minutes. Between these bays there is also an old bunker, which in summer is certainly occupied by tourists looking for shade.

Cuevas de Portals Vells – mistery caves!

To get to the caves you have to walk just to Caleta de Portals Vells, then go up the hill and follow the trail towards the sea. In 4 minutes you will find yourself in the sizeable caves, about which there is a legend…

In the fifteenth century, sailors from Genoa (at that time, among others, the Republic of Genoa was fighting for control of the Mediterranean Sea), who were in danger of sinking their ship during a huge storm, began to pray to the image of the Virgin Mary for survival. While praying, they promised that when they reached land they would build an altar in her honor. The storm calmed down and the sailors reached the shore near Portals Vells, and it was there that they decided to carve the altar that still stands there today.

Going to the caves, you may notice that they are rectangular in shape. This is due to the fact that this stone (among others) was used to build the cathedral of La Seu in the capital. The stone is called “el marés”, of which there is a whole lot in Mallorca. So for the construction of the cathedral, they had to take it from there somehow and hence the regular shapes. Over time, more altars were built, and of course the painting is missing. However, the legend and a cool place to visit is still there!

How to get to Cala del Mago?

Cala del Mago in Mallorca is accessible by bus (check google maps!). The only option is a long hike or a car. The road to Cala del Mago is in good condition, but there are a lot of sharp turns and it is sometimes tight.

So it’s a good idea to drive at a low speed so as not to run into crazy drivers who cut corners and take up two lanes. I must also mention here that at the beginning of the road to Cala del Mago (next to the golf courses) there are speed bumps, and two of them are very poorly marked. It is worth keeping this in mind on the way back.

There can be really little parking on Cala del Mago in the summer, so I recommend going there early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

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