Banyalbufar and its history.

Banyalbufar and the entire west of Majorca is very beautiful. It is from that side of Majorca that we visit the most beautifully preserved old Majorcan towns, such as Valldemossa, Deia, Soller, which are also filled with history. Banyalbufar, however, is a little-known place. His name is also unforgettable. However, I will try to change it! The name Banyalbufar comes from the Arabic language, mixed with Catalan. It is worth remembering that Arabic was a major influence on the Spanish language. This is of course by Arab invasions to Spain.

The name Banyalbufar is meant to be BUILT BY THE SEA.

I will not crush myself on this topic, because I am not a historian or philologist. The truth is that to get to know the history of Majorca in depth, you would need to know the Catalan language. It is in this language that we will find the most articles and books on the history of the Balearic Islands. Fortunately, we have google translate!

Banyalbufar is a beautiful, picturesque village, build in the mountains, at the seaside.

This town is located exactly in the southwest of the island, located in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. It is famous for making wine and interesting town infrastructure. Banyalbufar was once famous for its grape variety, whose name is Malvasia. Her cultivation was stopped many years ago due to the Filoxera plague, which destroyed all Majorca grapes. At the moment, the winemakers in Banyalbufar are working on recovering the variety, still producing great quality wine that is sold in local stores. Being there, you will definitely see beautiful grape growing and winemakers working on them.

Cultivated terraces in Banyalbufar.

What caught my attention when it comes to this beautiful town are the terraces that resemble rice terraces in Bali. I’ve never seen grape growing up close before. What is beautiful in Banyalbufar is the cascades, the stairs on which grapes are grown. The stairs themselves make a huge impression, let alone built on the slopes of the mountains? The views are beautiful, because we are not only in the mountains and admire the beautiful architecture and nature, we also have a view of the sea and grape growing. Going to this beautiful place you will pass viewpoints. I recommend staying in them, because that’s where the best view of the cultivated terraces and the town will be.

Banyalbufar is a really calm village.

Like Deia, Soller or Valldemossa, also Banyalbufar is a very quiet town, full of beautiful streets, with well-kept gardens and intimate, romantic restaurants overlooking the sea. In my opinion, you have to go to this place. Small olive orchards, grape growing, orange trees, wandering cats, view of the beautiful mountains blending into the endless sea. This is the beauty of Majorca. Itself. It is in such places that you will learn the true face of Majorca, full of history, architecture with Arabic influences, culture and it is here that you will hear the real language spoken by native inhabitants of the island. And it’s not Castilian.

While in Banyalbufar You should definietely visit places nearby.

This town is small enough that it will be difficult for you not to hit the bay of Cala Banyalbufar, which stands out very much from the rest of the bays in Majorca. You can see here the work of a man. It’s also worth hooking up places like Playa Port des Canonge, Playa Son Bunyola or Playa Punta Roja. All these places are beaches with beautiful landscapes and viewpoints! Another place worth visiting that I heartily recommend to you is Museo La Granja. Admission costs 16.50 euros, and inside you will find a guided tour, wine, cheese and local sobrasada tasting. Inside there are beautiful gardens, including a waterfall and of course a museum!

What to see around Banyalbufar?

Jardines de Alfabia:
Willa Raixa:
Puerto de Soller:
Palma de Mallorca:

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