Orient in Mallorca

Orient in Mallorca is a beautiful local town that is located in the central-western part of the island. I came here for the first time when I was going to Salt des Freu waterfalls, which are created in Mallorca during autumn and winter season, when there is a lot of rain. The town is surrounded by beautiful orchards, is located at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains. This gives unprecedented beautiful views. There are winding roads leading to the town, surrounded by beautiful orchards and farmlands.

I recommend a visit to the town of Orient to people who want to see the local side of Mallorca. Rustic, raw. In Orient you have the opportunity to walk through the old narrow streets, see the houses built of sandstone and stone, as well as visit the local historic church and several restaurants, appreciated in Mallorca. Orient is also an ideal place for hiking and mountain biking. There are many interesting and scenic routes here.

What to do around the Orient in Mallorca?

During the autumn and winter season, or rather when there are heavy rains on Mallorca, be sure to go to the Salt des Freu waterfalls (here the start of the route: 39.733130402522434, 2.7424319597682434). Take comfortable shoes that you will not regret – there is a lot of mud. The road is also suitable for children, and I also saw many people with pets along the route. Near the town of Orient there is also a beautiful, traditional town of Alaro and picturesque Bunyola! A little further afield I highly recommend visiting places like Jardines de Alfabia or Villa Raixa.

The surroundings of Orient in Mallorca are beautiful, the locals make their living from farming among other things, so you will see many farm animals, cultivated fields and beautiful dense orchards. The area is a well-kept nature, not much affected by man. I highly recommend a visit to Orient and its surroundings. How about you? Have you already been to Orient? What do you think about this place?

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