Weather in Majorca – I admit, the question about it is the most common question I get.

“Good morning, I’m going to Majorca in February / March / July / September, what’s the weather then, because they write it’s diverse on the forum?”. I know that this post will not change too much. However, I decided to write it, to more or less specify the weather in Majorca.

I will not give you any temperatures. I will not give you wind strength and water temperatures.

You can check all this on Google. You can also check the weather at Google. I will describe to you in general what the weather in Majorca is like. I recommend you here two pages, which I use and which in my opinion are adequate to the realities! EL TIEMPO:  and ACCUWEATHER: However, I understand you perfectly. When you plan your holidays in January for July – you want to know the temperatures and conditions! Well, I invite you to read the post then! Oh! Before I start writing the rest, I invite you to my post about what you can do in Mallorca in the winter, here: And for the next one, in which I describe why it is worth choosing Majorca for your holidays: 🙂

We start with a cold winter – December, January and February.

Winter is definitely much cooler than the rest of the seasons. Everyone knows that for sure. At Majorca, very cheap plane tickets are sold during this period – for example from Berlin. It tempts many Poles (and not only) to choose this direction. In the end, pay 2 euros for a ticket in the winter, and almost 1000 PLN in the summer is a big difference. And I’m not surprised you buy tickets. 🙂 Here I recommend my next post – a guide to (in my opinion) the best flight search engine – Skyscanner:

Even in the winter there will be people who swim in the sea and sunbathe.

In winter, temperatures can also be high, but certainly not as high as in summer. I have dressed excessively many times. Some days are for long sleeves and long pants and a jacket, and others even for sunbathing in a bikini on the beach. It depends only on preferences and who likes temperature. In winter, however, rains are more common and windstorms appear more often.

I will not discourage anyone to visit Majorca in the winter – on the contrary.

The weather in Majorca in the winter is beautiful – the whole island is green. We will not see this in the summer. There is less traffic on the roads, prices of hotels and car rentals are falling down. The same with prices for many other attractions. For those who love sightseeing – I recommend winter. I will only add that in the winter the hotel offers are more poor and most of the summer attractions and restaurants are closed. For devotees lounging all day on the beach – I recommend Egypt. 🙂

Spring! March, April and May!

And here it starts … the temperatures go up! The day gets longer and the evenings a little warmer than in the winter. Sometimes it’s raining, sometimes wind will blow. We dress a little skimpy. Shorts, dresses, bare feet and a breath of fresh air. We throw off jackets for a light blouse. More and more people visit Majorca, more and more people sunbathe on the beach. Life begins to throb most in May. And in May it is the hottest of the spring months! That’s when the rest of hotels and restaurants opens! This season of the year is perfect for families with children, lovers of May holidays and people who prefer a bit warmer atmosphere, but still less crowded places! Then we have the last moments to enjoy a quiet, little-crowded Majorca… because before us…

June, July and August – the peak of the summer season!

Ticket prices are going crazy. We spend thousands on the tickets itself. We’re counting down the days to holidays. The weather in Majorca reaches its summits, the temperatures are very high! The rain falls much less often, the wind is much lighter. We are sunbathing on the beach, splashing in crystal clear water. Maybe we even swim on a pink unicorn!In the end it’s a holiday! Perfect months for basking on the beach and enjoying the hot climate of Majorca. Walking can be more onerous. Heat, crowds on the roads and in monuments, or on the beaches can make You tired. I would like to add that the weather can also be tricky – in July a few years ago a hail was falling! 😉

Polish autumn is beautiful, and how is it with Majorca? September, October and November.

High temperatures keep on. The water in the sea is still warm. There are rains, there are stronger winds. As in every other possible month of the year. 🙂 You can sunbathe, you can swim. You can sightseeing. By the end of October there is still a good choice in hotels, restaurants and other attractions. In November, December, January, February and March, we have to take into account a very small movement in Majorca. And also with a small selection of restaurants. It is not until April that any seasonal attractions start to open!

In autumn, the island begins to take on colors again.

You can then notice big changes in nature. Everything begins to revive. Previously burned lawns become green, beaches begin to be empty… Autumn, as well as Spring and Winter is the perfect time for people who focus on their travels on sightseeing!


If they write on the forums that the weather in Majorca is diverse – it means that it is diverse, darlings! Unfortunately, no travel agency or any private guide will guarantee 100% of great weather. You know about it. In addition, if the page says “average temperature 21” it does not mean that the maximum is 21 degrees. It can reach as much as 30. For example, May – they say it is cool and not worth it, and in May I burned myself like a crumble and I was sweating how well known pinkish animal. 🙂 Maybe in some time the technology will offer us the opportunity to sunbathe on every beach in the world at any time of the year. In the meantime, we have to live with the most diverse and moody weather all over the world!