Parc Natural de Mondrago – something for bay lovers!

This is one of the better places I have had the opportunity to visit in Mallorca. I know that every post you read the same song, but it is! Every step I find places that just shock me! When you enter the Parc Natural de Mondrago graphics in Google – one bay will pop up. It’s true, beautiful. But one. And yet it is a natural park, right? Weird. Despite everything, we decided to go there.

We could not make a better decision!

Natural Park Mondrago was declared natural in 1992. Not so long ago! It has an area of 766 hectares, of which ONLY 95 hectares are available to everyone. That’s why this Natural Park is perfect for a one-day trip!

There are several car parks and recreational zones!

In Mondrago, I like the fact that you can go from the bay to the bay in 5 minutes. They are all beautiful. Every step you say is that the previous one was worse than the next one. The bays in Mondrago are loved by ships! In the summer there are swarms of cruise ships. What adds climate to this place.

On the main beach – Cala Mondrago there is a Bar!

You can walk through the park on foot. If you like in the bays, then you will pass the park in just over an hour. However, if you care about researching the whole park, then you have to devote a whole day to it. It is also a great solution for someone who loves to sunbathe. In one day you can sunbathe on several beaches. Just take a towel and take a walk to the next beach. The walk is pleasant – between a dense forest, with views of the beautiful cliffs.

Centuries of agricultural and breeding activities have undeniably shaped and defined the landscape of the park.

The many architectural features found here include dry stone walls and rustic sheds that served as temporary shelters for the local population. These structures are often made of beams or have a conical roof, called locally curucull. Less common are stone terraces on the hillside, which are adjacent to streams and ravines. Other traditional constructions, such as waterwheels, irrigation ditches, water collection ponds and cisterns, are associated with the use of water.

There are also structures showing the use of the forest.

These include charcoal mounds, charcoal hangers and lime kilns, as well as other functions such as boat ramps, sandstone quarries, small defense towers and smugglers’ hiding places.

One of the beaches is called S’Amarador.

The name S’Amarador recalls the former use of ponds as floating places, where bundles of flax and hemp were dipped for various times to obtain plant fibers. Tree trunks are also dipped here, making them more resistant, for later use as building materials on boats and as girders for houses.

Parc Natural de Mondrago is ideal for families with children.

When I was a small parents, they organised tours for us. I remember my mother packing a portable refrigerator packed with refills into the trunk. We had lots of sandwiches and food for the road. Sometimes, even a portable grill! This is a great idea for families with children. Parc Natural de Mondrago has several recreation areas where entire families can sit down. They are located in the shade, with large tables – adapted to set dinner on them. Adapted to a longer break, hiding in the shade before sometimes tiring sun.

The Mondrago Park has several parking lots.

A nice option for “lazy” ones. The moment you want to see the entire coast, but you do not want to walk it back and forth – you can walk it piece by piece. Park the car in the first parking lot, a piece will pass, then come back. Get in the car and drive to the park from the other side! 🙂 Sometimes the sun is dying. That’s why I understand this type of way out of the situation! It’s also a cool idea to divide the park for a few days! It is enough to remember on what beach it is over and the next day drive to the Park from the other side!

I heartily recommend you a trip to the Parc Natural de Mondrago in Mallorca!

This place literally drips with beauty. If you have read this entire post and you are not determined, then take a look at the pictures again! After them you will not refuse me for sure! 🙂