Alcudia is the old capitol of Majorca.

Many people do not work at all in the winter. That is why it is a good time to sightseeing. Why? There are no tourists, plenty of parking spaces. And there are often no fees. There are no traffic jams, no crush. Beaches are empty – you can take beautiful photos. Enjoy the peace and quiet. You can totally de-stress and relax. Breath with clean air, not mixed with sun-tanning oils! The temperatures are not very high, but the beautiful sun still shines, which you can enjoy! That is why We decided to go to Alcudia one day!

The local beach is wide and beautiful.

The view from the beach stretches out to the harbor and ships. Behind the beach there is a promenade and a bike path where beautiful palms have been planted. Port d’Alcudia and Alcudia are big, very touristy places. I get a lot of questions about them. They are highly recommended – for the sake of being full of attractions. Restaurants, bars, go-karts, children’s playgrounds, mini funparks and much more. It is full of hotels, apartments, villas and hostels.

Alcudia is a city open to the Mediterranean.

The sea was a means of communication and a fundamental factor in its historical development. First settlers came to the island by sea. The historical and cultural heritage of the city of Alcúdia is a testimony to the passage of time and traces left by various nations and cultures.

The first evidence of human presence in Alcúdia dates back to prehistory.

It’s about the first human settlements. People lived first in caves, and later in Talaiots. Later, the Romans, Muslims and Christian conquerors, left their mark in Alcudia.

The name of the place Alcúdia comes from the Arabic language (al-qudia) and means “hill”.

The island of Mallorca was included in the Catalonian-Aragonean crown after the conquest of King Jaime I in 1229. Alcudia was mainly responsible for defense and strategic needs. From that moment, the construction of medieval walls surrounding the city began, which can now be walked around and visited.

Is it worth staying in Alcudia?

Definitely yes. In summer, Alcudia is full of tourists. Alcudia is a typical tourist city. There are lots of attractions and no one will be bored there. In addition, evening walks in the old town – surrounded by walls sound romantic and inviting! It is full of local restaurants, as well as famous fast foods such as KFC, Mcdonald’s and others. Everybody will find something for themselves. Alcudia has everything. Views, beach, attractions for adults as well as for children and is perfectly located.

From Alcudia you can easily get to two of the top 10 attractions in Mallorca!

I’m talking about Formentor and Sa Calobra. Formentor are huge mountains ranges that can be overcome by car. Sa Calobra, however, is much more demanding. The road is spiral full of serpentines, leading over the chasms. At the end of the trip, two beautiful bays await us. One of them is located in the Torrent de Pareis ravine! It is also worth going to the nearby Cala Figuera!