Souvenirs from Mallorca – what to buy on Mallorca?

What souvenirs from Mallorca to buy? Many people during their vacations in Mallorca buy a gift for their loved ones. Usually it is a magnet, some clothes or alcohol. Postcards are also often sent. I belong to the group that always brings everyone magnets and possibly mugs!

In this post, however, I would like to introduce you to more original gifts that you can buy your loved ones in Mallorca. Such, which will be associated with this place, its tradition, flavors and history. Mallorca’s souvenirs – what where and how?

Siurell – the first commemorative item on the list!

Siurell – this is a distinctive Majorcan figurine. It is made of clay, which is also a whistle. You can buy it in various forms, but what makes it stand out are the colors. The figurines are white, decorated with green, red and sometimes blue stripes/dots. It is also worth mentioning that this pottery is made by women, not men. In summer, on the seaside promenades, you can buy such a souvenir from a street vendor. You will hear him whistling from far away. I recommend, however, to buy this kind of ceramics in stores with ceramics or at weekly markets.

Clay utensils – another souvenir worth noting!

This is another faction of pottery in Mallorca, for which it is somewhat famous. Clay dishes, usually brown in color, with hand painted inscriptions. Typical dishes in Mallorca, which you can find often in rented apartments or old, Mallorcan houses. I personally love it when food is served in clay pots in a restaurant. First of all, they keep warm for a long time, and secondly, I feel that the owners value culture and tradition.

Dishes are plentiful, you can buy them both in “bazaar chino”, or “chinol” – but here the quality can be disappointed. I would definitely recommend to go to a store with ceramics, which are a lot on Mallorca and there is no problem with finding them. The same as in the case of Siurell figurines, such dishes can also be bought at the markets. Dishes can be bought for olives, for sauces, for dishes, there are also plates and much more. It’s a great way to get a bargain!

Wicker basket – souvenirs from Mallorca.

Walking through the streets of Mallorca, you can often see that many stores sell wicker, hand-woven baskets. In Mallorca, they are mostly used when going to the beach or shopping, but they are definitely perfect for the holiday climate. This is a very cool and quality souvenir, which in addition will not stand and dust, but can be used.

There are also handicraft stores in Mallorca that specialize in wicker products. Besides handbags, they also sell rugs, laundry baskets, chairs and much, much more. I think it is a souvenir worthy of consideration!


One of the most chosen souvenirs from Mallorca!. In my opinion, there are two alcohols worth buying as souvenirs. In addition, if we have only hand luggage, on Mallorca is also the possibility to buy some spirits in tiny sizes, so that they fit easily into the hand luggage. Such small bottles can be bought in stores chain SPAR and many others.

Licor de Hierbas, or Tunnel, and Licor Angel d’Or. Hierbas liqueur is an herbal liqueur that you can buy in three flavor “varieties”. Sweet, blended, or dry, which is simply “pure” with no additives. Surely when you walk through grocery stores you will notice that there is a strange green bottle with a funny shape on the shelves. That’s Licor de Hierbas, or tunnel! 🙂 It is consumed at many traditional events in Mallorca, such as Sant Antoni.

When it comes to Angel d’Or Liqueur, it is an orange liqueur. However, it is not just any orange. It is made from oranges that grow in the Soller valley. And Soller oranges are famous for being the best tasting on the island. Visiting Soller you can taste a variety of products from oranges, from ice cream to jam. For liquor you should go to Soller, but you will probably find it in EROSKI store and many others.

Food – what food to bring from Mallorca?

We start with “sobrasada,” which is “a raw sausage cured of selected pork blood, seasoned with salt, paprika and black bell pepper. It is stuffed into the intestines and slowly matured. This product is a traditional product of the Balearic Islands and is protected by the Geographical Indication seal.” (data from wikipedia). Sobrasada is seasoned in many ways, and you can find it in any major supermarket. I recommend eating it with toasted bread and honey!

Ensaimada, or a little sweetness! “Ensaimada is a dish of sweet fermented and baked dough, prepared with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and lard. It is a confectionery product of great tradition on the island, as it has been made and eaten in Mallorca since ancient times.” Ensaimada is also available with many fillings. Cream, chocolate, etc. It’s worth trying it while you’re on the island (I highly recommend the Santo Cristo patisserie), but it’s also worth taking it with you and letting the rest of your household try it! It is worth to buy it on the day of departure, pack it in a special package to take away and you are ready to go!

Almonds, Olive Oil, Olives oraz Formatge Mallorquí, czyli majorkański ser!

“Almendras” means almonds in other words. In February in Mallorca, almond trees bloom beautifully and Mallorca is famous for its almond fruit products! 🙂 So it is worth to buy almonds, almond jam or almond cosmetics from Mallorca!

There are also plenty of olive trees in Mallorca. For this reason, it is worth buying local olives, or olive oil.

It will certainly surprise you to know that in Mallorca, KAKAO is also made. Its name is Laccao and you can usually get it in a small glass bottle. However, you can carry it only in your checked luggage. Hand luggage is out of the question due to its size. I highly recommend it, especially as a gift for children!

Formatge Mallorquí, is a cheese made in Mallorca. To be honest, I’ve never tried it myself, because I’m not really fond of cheese. However, cheese lovers will find something for themselves here. You can buy the cheese at EROSKI, Carrefour, Alcampo, Mercadona and also at the markets and small stores in the neighbourhood.

Inca’s galletas!

Another snack, this time more salty. These are the famous cookies from the village of Inca. You can get them in the store Mercadona, Eroski, Carrefour, Alcampo or SPAR. They are very good in taste and have been made in Mallorca since 1853. They have different sprinkles, sizes of packages, so there is certainly something for everyone!


On Mallorca, in the town of Inca, which is famous for its leather products, you can buy shoes, but also handbags and much more. Do the brands Camper, Farrutx, Lotusse or Yanko sound familiar? If so, know that these brands produce their products in Mallorca!

Las Telas de Lenguas – A complicated name, but an original keepsake!

These are textiles, with beautiful, colorful patterns, that are made on Mallorca and sold in many local stores. Municipalities such as Santa Maria del Camí and Pollença still produce this type of fabric, thus maintaining a tradition of over 100 years. The production of “Las Telas” is handmade and the base of the textiles is white cotton. “Las Telas de Lenguas” are most often made with cotton and linen, but also with silk and linen. What characterizes them are simple, fuzzy and discontinuous geometric shapes with expressive colors. The fabrics are always hand painted!

Vasos de cristal soplados – blown glass!

Glass blowing is an art that dates back to the 1st century (AD) in Mallorca, as it was spread by the Romans throughout the Mediterranean coasts. Its production has not changed much since then. Earlier I wrote you about the clay pots, which can be purchased on Mallorca. The same is true for blown glass and glass products such as vases, candlesticks, bowls, dishes, etc.. There is a lot to choose from!

Flor de Sal – Sal de Es Trenc – salt from Es Trenc in Majorca.

When it comes to this product, you can find it in many stores, often on pedestrian streets, in SPAR chain. You can buy salt in different quantities, in different colors and in different thicknesses. In Es Trenc there are also salt pans – “las salinas de Es Trenc”, where you can go on a guided tour. You will see how salt is mined on Mallorca, where it is extracted and you can also buy different products on the spot. Let me just add that in this place in late summer you can see flamingos that love the salt water!

Oranges from Soller – souvenirs from Mallorca.

Many people surely know that Mallorca is famous for its delicious oranges, which grow all over Mallorca. However, there is one place on the island where oranges taste better. It is the Soller valley. Oranges made this place so famous that even created an orange train, which can now be driven by tourists, and once drove by traders. In Soller, but also in other parts of Majorca you can buy many products with a touch of Soller oranges. For example, jams, natural cosmetics – soaps, shampoos or even perfumed waters. It is worth to drink juice from freshly squeezed oranges and eat a cake and ice cream with the same flavor.

Majorca Pearls – Majorica.

If you will be in Mallorca, you will one hundred percent notice advertisements for Mallorca pearls, right at the airport. There is also a pearl factory on Mallorca. You can also buy jewelry with pearls in many jewelry stores. I warn you right away – these are not real pearls. These are artificial, factory-made pearls, which are famous for being very, very close in appearance and quality to real pearls. Also, this is not a company opened in Mallorca, its headquarters are in Barcelona with a network spread all over the world. I think that a gift in the form of jewelry of this type can be, after all, a good idea!

Dragonera island lizards (Sargantanas)!

Otherwise known as Lilford lizards (a better name), they are endemic to several small islands around Mallorca and Menorca where there are few people. They are characterized by their greenish-brown color and delicate appearance. From the westernmost town on Mallorca – Sant Elm – there are excursions to the island of Sa Dragonera, where these lizards are found. It’s definitely something reminiscent of Mallorca, so you can find postcards, magnets, openers and other lizard-shaped goodies, etc. in souvenir stores. I think this is a cool idea for Mallorca souvenirs.

Magnets and more.

These are the basic souvenirs from Mallorca that can be purchased. Magnets can be found every step, in different shapes. Fans are more associated with Flamenco dance and music, which come rather from the continental Spain (or rather, from the Roman culture). However, Mallorca belongs to Spain, so you can also find fans in different colors and sizes in souvenir stores, as well as in those near the trampoline.

I hope I helped you decide what souvenirs from Mallorca to buy during your vacations on the island. In my opinion, the best souvenirs are those that have some connection with the place. This is the case of blown glass, clay pots or dishes such as sobrasada or ensaimada. You can buy all of these products at fairs in Mallorca, in various stores, but also in specialized stores.

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