Es Carbo beach, Majorca.

Es Carbo beach is a beautiful, unspoiled beach located on the south coast of Majorca. Right next to it is Platja des Dolc, Platja de Can Curt, Platja es Dofi and Platja de Ses Roquetes. In fact, all these beaches are right next to each other and it’s definitely hard for some to tell them apart. Some of them are so small that you can safely ignore them and count them among the larger ones. One thing is for sure. To get to Platja es Carbo you have to walk from Playa Es Port about 20 minutes.

How to get to Es Carbo beach?

As I mentioned above, you can go there on foot or, if you are a resident of that region, cross a private villa with a document confirming your registration to the owner. The owner of the villa then passes you through his grounds and you park your car practically next to the beach. It is definitely more convenient, but unfortunately – not for everyone.

Platja de Can Curt and Platja es Dofi.

Platja de Can Curt and es Dofi are characterized by the fact that there are old fishermen’s houses right next to the water. Sometimes the owners come to visit them and spend the day at the beach. Usually the owners are Spaniards and it’s hard to rent a cottage like this. Most of them only serve as a garage for the boat. Or a flat with a kitchen that the whole family uses during a day at the beach. Spaniards then set tables on the beach or terrace and feast for most of the day.

There are also bunkers on these beaches and you can see typical Mallorcan buildings from years ago.

The houses I mentioned above are really old. However, it is a great place for instagram photos or drone shots. There are no hotels, restaurants or bars behind the beach. Only nature itself is there. There will be more algae on the beach. As the beaches are located in natural zones, it is difficult to argue about the algae in the water here. There are no toilets, showers or lifeguards here. These are also nudist beaches, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the nude views.

I highly recommend all these beaches for people who love naturalness, the unspoiled side of the island.

At the very end you come to the beach called Platja de Ses Roquetes. Most of these beaches are fully sandy. Only places will there be stones. There are always a lot of yachts here. It is an ideal place for families with children who like to avoid people. If you care about the proximity of the lifeguard, the bar and the toilets, I definitely recommend going to the side beaches of Platja Es Port or Platja des Dolc. Others should bring an umbrella, plenty of drinking water and some snacks as there are no shops on site. The nearest shop is right on the Es Port beach. Through which you have to walk to get to the next one.

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