What to see in Majorca?

What to see in Majorca? This question hides in fact many more questions. It is impossible to answer them unequivocally. And this is because everyone has their own preferences. It is even so, leaving on holiday with a group of friends, we are not able to get along with everyone a hundred percent.

Mallorca has a lot to offer. In fact, it is a paradise for cyclists, adrenaline lovers, explorers, for those who like luxury or lying on the beach. You can eat deliciously on Mallorca. Lovers of photography, sailing and many other sports come here. We could go on for hours, but one thing is certain. Everyone will find their place on Majorca. So let’s go and find out what to see in Majorca – the biggest of Balearic’s islands.

What to see in Majorca – this is the question I get practically most often.

And what do you expect? Where are you staying? Are you renting a car? For how many days will you be there? Do you want to explore intensively or rather slowly? Will you be with children? Do you want to climb, or are you looking for wild bays with not too many tourists?

This is exactly why I took it upon myself to write out my sightseeing plans. Many people don’t even know 50% of Mallorca’s potential when they go there. You don’t know where to go to eat, how much time to spend in a particular place or if you will find a parking space in the area. If you are looking for help in organising your sightseeing during your holidays in Mallorca, you have come to the right place. I will write a personalized Mallorca sightseeing plan for you, according to your preferences. For details write me a message.

Top places to visit in Majorca – what to see in Mallorca?

In this post I will list you some top places in Mallorca that I think will make your trip an unforgettable experience. These places are scattered all over the island, so we won’t go into detail. I haven’t arranged the places in order from best to worst, so don’t suggest the order. Here we go!

Cape Formentor and the surrounding beaches – what to see in Majorca?

Formentor is one of the attractions on Mallorca that practically everyone knows. Few people know, however, that Formentor is not only a beautiful viewpoint with a lighthouse. The first stop during the trip to the northernmost point on Majorca is the “Mirador Es Colomer”. This is the first viewpoint. Here there is a small car park and a snack shop. Parking is free, and it is very difficult to get a parking space here in high season. Looking to the right from the Es Colomer viewpoint you can see a tiny tower. It is called “Talaia d’Albercutx”. There is said to be a beautiful sunset from it.

Driving further, we can park the car in a paid (expensive) car park and go to the beach “Playa Formentor”, which is famous for having some of the cleanest waters in the whole of Mallorca. You can rent sun loungers here, however it is expensive fun. A good idea for a stopover if you are with children. The water is shallow and ideal for playing. For those who are adventure lovers, I recommend going a little further to “Cala Figuera” and “Cala Murta”.

Both of these bays are wild and take about 15 minutes to reach. You have to park your car on the “side” of the road. There is also a bus stop there. I particularly recommend a walk to Cala Figuera, as there are wild goats there! Take more water with you, the goats will gladly drink it! The last stop will of course be Cap de Formentor, which is a huge lighthouse. There is parking, a café too. I recommend for sunset!
Here a link to a post about Formentor, with more information:https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/formentor-i-cala-formentor/

Sa Calobra – what to see in Majorca?

Another point that is a MUST see in Mallorca. I must warn you that the roads here are not easy. They are tight, very winding and sometimes you have to pass buses on them. Additionally, the route goes through huge mountains, which can already give you an idea that there will be beautiful views during the ride, but also huge heights and precipices. This is not a route for someone with a huge fear of heights or fresh drivers who do not feel comfortable behind the wheel.

On the way to the bays we can stop at many viewpoints, and at the very end we leave the car in a paid car park and go to the famous ravine, where there is a rocky beach. To reach it, we pass through a passage carved in the rock. The beach is located in the gorge, and those willing can go for a walk inside it. The place is definitely worthwhile. You can also take a cruise here!

Here a link to a post about Sa Calobra, with more information:https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/sa-calobra/

Fornalutx – the most beautiful town on Mallorca.

In my opinion, of course :). A very small mountain town. Full of restaurants, bars and wonderful views. The prices in the shops here can be staggering, but that’s what happens when a town officially has the title of one of the most beautiful towns in all of Spain. The town is famous for its tiny steps and wonderful Mallorcan architecture. I recommend coming here for photography lovers, as the shots here are beautiful and not that easy to capture. Fornalutx is also famous for the fact that its architecture and historical values are well preserved until now.
Here is a link to an instagram account in which I show the town of Fornalutx: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18157165393028413/

Valldemossa – the town where Frederic Chopin lived.

Mallorca’s most romantic town – so they say. Definitely worth a walk through its streets and up to the famous lookout point. The town is small, full of beautiful streets, which are taken care of by the locals. There is a Chopin museum in the town, where you can visit his cell. The view from the terrace was beautiful – enviable. It is definitely a very touristy place, but has great historical and architectural value.
Link to post about Valldemossa: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/valldemossa-majorka/

Deia and Cala Deia – one of my favourite places on the island.

On my reports and in my posts, I have mentioned very often that Deia is for me the most beautiful place on Mallorca. It is another town, located in the mountains. And its landscape is inscribed on the UNESCO list. And no wonder, because I can’t stop admiring the nature and architecture while being there. Deia was one of the first inhabited towns on Mallorca, and now a lot of celebrities come here for their holidays.

There are several luxury hotels and even a michellin star restaurant. At the foot of the mountains there is also a small cove called Cala Deia, which is rocky. I recommend it if the weather is nice on a given day. If it is not – do not waste your time. The bay is small, rocky and famous for the Ca’s Patro March restaurant – very expensive and, for me, way overrated, but the view is great. Here you can also jump from a big boulder on the right or dive with a mask.
Link to the post about Deia town: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/cala-deia/

Cala na Clara – a little known bay in the north east of the island.

And in addition, one of the most beautiful I have seen in my life. The descent isn’t the easiest, but it’s not too hard either. The water is crystal clear, there are always a lot of yachts here, which gives really beautiful views. This bay can be reached by car and after parking it by the pavement, it is about a 15 minute hike. The beach is rocky, but once you get into the water, there is sand under your feet. Nevertheless, swimming shoes will come in handy here. After the beach, I recommend eating at the Casablanca restaurant. An advance reservation is required there.
Post about Cala na Clara bay: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/cala-na-clara/

Cala Torta – a great beach in Mallorca.

The bay of Cala Torta can also be reached by car. Don’t let the potholes scare you, because you can drive practically right up to the beach. Many people give up at the beginning and leave the car at the normal road. However, you can continue by car. However, the road is washed out by the rains and there are many stones and boulders. Personally, I always go there quietly, so as not to damage the car. If you choose to go on foot, you will have to walk for about 15-20 minutes. However, the views make up for everything. The water is crystal clear and the beach is sandy. I highly recommend this beach as not many tourists know it exists!
Link to post: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/cala-torta/

Playa de Muro – the longest beach on Majorca.

This beach is a MUST when visiting Mallorca. Not only because the beach is the longest in Mallorca. It is also, in my opinion, the most beautiful beach in Mallorca and very well suited for use. The beach is situated on the north coast of the island, next to natural zones. In some places you can admire small dunes and beautiful pine trees. In addition, it is very well guarded and there are well maintained toilets. Parking is very easily accessible and there are quite a few bars here. The most famous point on the beach is the famous footbridge, from where the excursion catamarans depart. There are excursions to Cala Figuera and Formentor amongst others! I highly recommend this sandy paradise beach.
Link to post: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/playa-de-muro/

Platja de Ses Roquetes – what to see on Mallorca?

To get to this beach you have to walk for about 40 minutes. However, as inconvenient as it sounds, it is not so bad at all, because the access to this beach leads through other… beaches. We start our tour at Platja Es Port, where we can park the car. Then we make a walk to the other beaches such as Platja des Carbo, Platja el Dofi, Platja des Dolc. The choice is yours. You can stop at any of these or you can walk to the very end and bathe in peace, without the mass of tourists. Few people want to go that far! The views are of yachts, small islands and the harbour you passed at the beginning. The water is shallow, crystal clear and the beach is sandy. It’s worth mentioning that it’s unguarded, with no toilets or shops and in addition, it’s a nudist beach.
Link to post of the above mentioned beaches: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/platja-es-carbo/

Cala Morlanda – what to see on Majorca?

I have a great fondness for this bay, as it is close to my previous place of residence. It is one of the most beautiful bays on Mallorca. However, it is very little known among tourists. It is not guarded, there are no shops or toilets nearby. The bay is rocky and when you enter the water, there is sand under your feet. On the left side of the bay there is a place to jump into the water, the so-called “Geronimo”. Most of the Spanish language can be heard here. This place is loved by the local teenagers. On the right side of the bay there is a magic garden. After crossing the cliffs you can see a natural swimming pool, and walking further you will reach a cave and a nudist beach (not recommended, not very interestingly preserved beach).
Link to post: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/cala-morlanda/

Calo des Moro – Mallorca’s most sought-after bay.

Calo des Moro is the bay from postcards and travel agency magazines. One of the most famous bays on the island. To get there you have to park your car in the public car park and then walk about 15 minutes to the bay of Cala S’almonia (also recommended). You cannot park your car there unless you are a resident there. This risks a fine or even having your vehicle towed away. Instead of going to the bay of Cala S’almonia, you can also follow the signs with the inscription “playa”. You will then reach the Calo des Moro bay from the cliff side. The descent to Calo des Moro is scary for many people, but I find it quite easy and there is no need to give up. The beach is very small and rocky. In the water, however, there is already sand. If you want to spend a day here, I recommend to go first thing in the morning. At 11 am there are already crowds here.
Link to post about Calo des Moro: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/calo-des-moro/

Sa Coma – one of the most beautiful beaches on Majorca.

Sa Coma is in my opinion a very underrated beach on Mallorca. It is admittedly smaller than the famous Playa Es Trenc or Playa de Muro, but it is Sa Coma that can boast of the fact that the water here has a beautiful colour most of the time and is very well maintained. The algae here are regularly cleaned, the beach is sandy and the water is shallow. There are plenty of water activities here, and there is a small harbour on the right where you can take a catamaran cruise.

Behind the beach is a beautiful promenade with palm trees and several restaurants. I highly recommend this beach, especially if you are in the area. To the left of the beach is a ranch with ponies, donkeys and horses. Here you can buy a horseback tour to the small castle Castillo de Sa Punta de n’amer! Entry to the castle is free and the views are really nice. I will also reveal that there are CATS living in the bushes on the left. Don’t worry, the local appropriate services feed them and look after them regularly. I recommend this place.
Link to post: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/sa-coma-mallorca/: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/sa-coma-mallorca/

The dragon caves of Cuevas del Drach.

I am not a big fan of caves, as I used to go on a lot of trips to caves, mountains, quarries and many other similar places when I was a kid. So this is nothing new for me, BUT…. In the dragon caves in Mallorca at the end of the tour we sit in a beautiful hall and admire the spectacle. There are beautifully lit boats coming from afar, with an orchestra sitting on them. We can listen to a short concert of classical music with a beautiful setting. At the end we can queue up and take a ride on a boat! And it is for this attraction alone that I highly recommend this place. The dragon caves are located in the village of Porto Cristo, which I also recommend visiting after the caves. There is a modest, beautiful harbour and a lovely bay. There is a promenade with an exhibition of fishing equipment used in the old days.
Link to post: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/cuevas-del-drach-majorka/

Ogrody Jardines de Alfabia – przepiękne ogrody Majorki.

I am in love with these gardens and recommend them to everyone. Although it has to be said that they are not to everyone’s taste. They do not cover a huge area, but there are many eye-catching spots. And we must not forget the historical and architectural values. The villa located in the gardens currently serves as a muezzum. This place was visited by many kings. There is also a café. If you go there, be sure to bring your camera, as there are plenty of places to take photos. Parking is free and is located near the entrance to the gardens. There is a fee to enter the gardens.
Link to post: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/jardines-de-alfabia-majorka/

Villa Raixa – a hidden public villa in Mallorca.

I discovered this place thanks to Malwina and Michal, who are photographers in Mallorca (@happinessmode on instagram). They took beautiful photos there, like from a fairy tale. So I decided to visit them. It is a sizable public villa with a museum inside. And its gardens look like in a fairy tale. Another place that is original and little known by tourists, which in my opinion is worth a visit if you want to get to know Mallorca from all sides. Also from this less known side. This place is located right next to the gardens I wrote about above, so it is worth visiting these places on the same day.
Link to the post about Villa Raixa: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/willa-raixa/

Castell de Capdepera, or castle in the village of Capdepera.

It is a well-preserved castle which costs 4 euros to enter. On a good day you can see the island of Menorca from the castle. I will not write here about the history of the castle, because you can see it all in the post, which I will link below. However, the place is worth visiting for the views, to learn about the history of Majorca and at least because near the castle there are beautiful beaches, such as Cala Agulla, Cala Mesquida, Cala Gat, Cala Ratjada, Cala Moll. The town of Capdepera itself is also lovely!
Link to the post about the castle: https://namajorce.pl/hiszpania/baleary/mallorca/miejscowki-na-majorce/castell-de-capdepera-majorka/

I hope you already know what to see in Majorca!

The places I have listed in the post are of course my suggestions and my opinions. As everyone has different tastes, the top lists are always slightly different. If you are wondering what to see in Majorca, don’t hesitate and write me a private message or an e-mail. I will be happy to help you organise and write out your personalised Mallorca sightseeing itinerary, as there are many more places like those above. I invite you to contact me!

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