Playa de Muro Majorca – is the longest beach on the island.

Playa de Muro in Majorca, apart from being very long, is well maintained. The beach is located on the northeast coast of Majorca. It stretches from Alcudia to Can Picafort, which gives us a length of about 6 kilometers. Playa de Muro is sandy and the water is crystal clear and shallow. It is an ideal place for families with children, in terms of safety and attractions located on the beach and in the towns nearby.

Playa de Muro, Majorca might be divided into several parts.

The first is at the town of Alcudia. The other is by the natural park – S’Albufera Natural Park. And the third at the town of Can Picafort. The most popular part is of course the one near Alcudia. I immediately recommend you consider visiting the above-mentioned natural park, it will be a great idea for a trip for both adults and children.

Playa de Muro, Majorca is the paradise beach with blue flag.

Rustic crystal water is not everything. This is where you will find the famous bridge with postcards and instagram photos. In summer, it is hard to find a place on the pier because it is full of sunbathers. And in winter the boards are torn off the platform and it is half closed! This is because in winter the weather changes drastically and it would be dangerous to use the platform. The waves there are gentle, and the views extend to the Alkudian bay. I admit that there may be an unpleasant wind, so take that into account! This is because the beach is very long and open.

Playa de Muro, Majorca – the most beautiful beaches on the island.

It is here that you can easily enjoy the sun and the paradise color of the water. Behind the beach there are restaurants where you can have a drink or a cold beer or eat something! At the national park you can enjoy the views of the dunes and Pinos, or pines! You can also indulge in many water sports here, as the local winds favor it. In Alcudia, besides the beautiful old town and the large port, it is also worth going with children (and not only) to Hidropark! In the area there is a wine bar, golf course, museum and many other attractions, including historical ones. Nearby is the most beautiful town in Majorca, or Pollensa!

Playa de Muro, Majorca – what might intrested You around?

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