Far de Capdepera, Majorca.

Far de Capdepera is a lighthouse located in the Capdepera region. Near the Cala Ratjada beach. I decided to write a separate post about Far de Capdepera, because of the landscapes around him. I have mentioned many times that Capdepera is an extremely picturesque area and in addition is one of those that I love to come back to. There are plenty of beautiful beaches and bays, there is plenty of entertainment, there are several sights worth visiting and the whole area is extremely green.

Far de Capdepera – why is it worth to see it?

Far de Capdepera, together with the lighthouse on the neighboring island of Menorca, called Faro d’Artrutx form a channel that separates the two islands at their narrowest point. This lighthouse has an important function on the island. It is worth visiting because the area is picturesque. There is also a blue walking trail. Many people choose to go to Far de Capdepera on foot. The lighthouse is located on the top of a low mountain, and the entrance to it is gentle. You can also get there by car. There will be several parking spaces on site.

Far de Capdepera.

I highly recommend you follow the blue trail (painted on the rocks) to the nearby cliffs. It will take about 20 minutes. Strong wind can blow there, and the trail is not protected by any barriers. Walking can be dangerous for children, especially if you lose sight of them for a moment. The views from the cliffs extend to the coast of Cala Ratjada and the surrounding area. There are no shops or toilets in the area. The closest ones are in Cala Ratjada.

What to see around Far de Capdepera?

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