Cala Bona

I described all my immediate surroundings on the blog, except Cala Bona. I’ve always thought that there is nothing attractive here. I have never ventured this far before because what you desire can already be found in Cala Millor. Why did I decide to describe Cala Bona? It so happens that I am here every day. I work in one of the local hotels and since I work here, I am fascinated by this place. Has its own climat

Why Cala Bona is an english zone?

Honestly, I have no idea, that’s how it came out. The English definitely liked the area and after many years hotels, bars and restaurants began to treat this place as an English zone. As in Cala Millor, we definitely have a German zone. Do I think that’s a good thing? It is hard to say this because the natives make money from tourists. So we shouldn’t complain about where they are from. Cala Millor and Cala Bona are definitely wives for middle and older people. Younger people can be found here only in the hottest months of summer.

Cala Bona for holidays, is it a good direction?

Of course, everything depends on what you expect from your vacation. During the day Cala Bona is very calm. It is a really picturesque area, the beach has a beautiful view of the Costa de los Pinos. The sunrises here are beautiful and breathtaking. In the evening the town is amazingly lively. This may discourage some of you. Especially if you stay in hotels at the main strip.


Because from 20:30 to 00:00 most hotels run animations. Animations are usually karaoke, singing, group games and many more. Plus, there are a lot of English bars here. And the English really like to sing. Several bars have karaoke options. So I recommend you to know carefully before choosing a hotel. I will comfort you that animations take place in most hotels in Majorca, so this advice applies to every place, not just Cala Bona! However, when on the way home I pass even Cala Millor, then Cala Bona is definitely a more active night, although it is much smaller.

What You can do in Cala Bona?

Cala Bona has three tiny beaches. I will write about them later in the post. In Cala Bona definitely many people like fishing. The coast here has breakwaters that you can access. It is them that natives and tourists are fishing for. Many water sports equipment can be rented on the beach. There are also bicycle, scooter and other rentals. When it comes to car rental, I recommend TRIPCARS here. They have the lowest prices, no deposit required. The only minus – minimum age 23 years. When it comes to renting bicycles, there is a large rental shop on the street corner, opposite the Gran Sol Hotel.

Going by road to Costa de los Pinos You will find more and more atractions!

Behind Hotel Levante there is a mini amusement park for children. Going further you will reach a charming, small harbor, which is obviously full of restaurants. If you go even further and cross the bridge, you will come to a place where you can pay for a pony walk. Of course, this attraction is only for children. You get pony for exclusivity and lead him alone. Any bite or accident is your responsibility. Another attraction of Cala Bona is definitely the restaurant, which is owned by the world-famous tennis player Rafael Nadal. The restaurant is called Sa Punta and to eat there you need to make a table reservation in advance.

What You can do around Cala Bona?

Cala Bona is a really great starting point. There are really many attractions around. If you are a lover of cycling, you will certainly be pleased to know that there is a bicycle promenade. It stretches from Son Server to Porto Cristo. During a bike trip, you can visit places such as Cala Millor, Rancho Sa Coma, Castell sa Punta de N´amer, Sa Coma, Sillot and the beautiful bay of Cala Morlanda to Porto Cristo.

What else there is in Cala Bona neigbourhood?

Mirador (viewpoint) Costa de los Pinos, where you can attach your padlock and admire the endless sea. The Costa de los Pinos itself makes a huge impression. It is a rich district with many beautiful villas and hidden bays. Me and Piotr in winter saw dolphins playing there! Earlier I also mentioned Porto Cristo. In Porto Cristo there are some of the largest caves in Majorca. Cuevas del Drach may boast of having one of the largest underwater lakes in the world. In addition, a classical music concert awaits you inside.

Do You like tenis or golf?

Near Cala Bona, there is Pula Golf, it is one of the major golf courses in Majorca, quite crowded. And Hotel Sur offers renting a tennis court for hours (hour costs 8 euros). In addition to Golf and Tennis, Rancho Bonanza is located in Cala Millor. This is one of the most recognizable horse tours companies in Majorca. They organize horse trips to the area, for example around Cala Agulla

Cruises are also organized in Cala Bona! One towards the wild bay of Cala Varques, which you can not reach by car or bus, link to the post about cruises here: And the other one towards the beautiful Cala Ratjada Safari Zoo can also be an attraction for children. And for lovers of mountain climbing there will be a mountain Na Penyal, which you can climb, on the way looking into the cave, about which few concept!

Cala Bona beach.

Unfortunately, the beach at Cala Bona does not offer crystal clear water. In addition, there are mountains of algae on the beach that are not cleaned regularly. Which unfortunately causes an unpleasant smell that spreads with the local wind. These are things that we have no influence on. However, these are also things that can spoil your vacation. After all, the beach at Cala Bona is always crowded. There are lifeguards on the beach and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas here. A huge plus of this beach is the wonderful view of the Costa de los Pinos cliff. And also that the beach is great for people with disabilities. I highly recommend the local sunrises, knocking off my feet! I don’t discourage anyone from Cala Bona, but I want to be honest with everyone. That is why he describes everything as it is.

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