Son Servera, Majorca is definietely a place worth visiting.

Son Servera is worth visiting while exploring the east coast of Majorca. If you stay in places like Cala Millor, Sa Coma, S’illot, Cala Bona, Costa de los Pinos, I highly recommend it. Why?

Market in Son Servera Majorca.

Every week on Friday, the Son Servara market breaks down, so-called mercado. Mercado breaks down every Friday. You will find there souvenirs, clothes, fresh vegetables and fruits and local specialties. The city is maintained in Mediterranean architecture, also Son Servera will not stand out from other towns on Majorca. Son Servera may not seem very attractive, but what makes it stand out are two churches. The older church under the patron of Sant Joan, in old Zabydów, is built on a beautiful square full of cafes. Maybe the architecture of Son Server does not stand out very much from the rest of the island, but there is something in this city that draws attention. Namely Iglesia Nova. So a new church. Its construction is not finished, which increases curiosity.

Iglesia Nova in Son Servera Majorca.

Although unfinished, the church has something else. It was designed by Joan Rubió, a student of Antoni Gaudi. Weddings and religious events take place here. I admit that the church is impressive and definitely worth seeing, even passing by. And in the town of Son Servera you will find a lot of charming streets and well-kept, interesting gardens. There will also be cats walking between legs.

Events in Son Servera, Majorca, which might intrested You.

Every year in February, Son Servera hosts the Migraine Festival, or Fiesta de Almendras: You will try almond alcohol and many other products here. And you’ll also buy natural cosmetics that smell like a kilometer. A festival of clowns and humor is also held here. Depending on the year, it takes place in April or May. For lovers of hiking or cycling, there is a green route that you can go or cross:

What to see around Son Servera Majorca?

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