The best place to stay in Mallorca?

The best place to stay in Mallorca? Which one will be best for you? For people who don’t know Mallorca this choice can be really hard. I will tell you honestly that I have been living here for a few years now and it is still hard for me to choose the best places on the island so as not to miss out on the rest, equally great places. In today’s post I will make a list of the best regions in Mallorca to consider for your stay. I will divide it into regions that are best for families with children, best for couples, best for party people and best for people who love peace and quiet.

I must add right away that this list is created by me, so it is solely my opinion and my recommendations. The decision is ultimately up to you. At the end I will tell you a bit about the budgets needed for the regions.

Partygoer in Mallorca – where should he book accommodation?

The best place in Mallorca to stay if you are a party person? If you like to party, but you also want to be able to lie on the beach with a hangover, then there is a perfect place on Mallorca. It is Magaluf. Magaluf is the party capital of Majorca. If you like parties, a large selection of clubs and attractions, a sandy beach and mega atmosphere, then Magaluf will be the perfect place for you. However, if you like parties but don’t care about partying every day, then I would recommend you to choose accommodation in the town of Palma Nova. It is located right next to Magaluf, but it is much quieter and you can sleep at night.

The beaches in Palma Nova are beautiful and it is worth mentioning that there are three of them. Not counting the small bays, which are located nearby. You can also consider the town of El Arenal or even the capital, where there are also a few clubs. However, these places do not come close to Magaluf. I leave it to your own interpretation – links to posts about these places below!

Both Magaluf and Palma Nova have excellent public transportation. If you want to explore the surrounding towns, you can easily do it by bus. I, however, despite everything, always recommend to rent a car. Mallorca is a small island, but exploring the whole island is not that easy, so a car is a must! 🙂

Here I leave links to posts about both Magaluf and Palma Nova:

Places for couples in Mallorca – best regions for lovers in Mallorca.

And this is where the stairs begin. And this is because, in fact, all of Mallorca is a good place for lovers. However, I assume that people in love want to spend time romantically, not necessarily going to clubs. Additionally, they like to eat something together in a nice restaurant, preferably with a nice view. And of course beautiful sunrises and sunsets and places for romantic walks. In my opinion, there are several such places on Mallorca.

In my opinion the most romantic towns in Majorca are: Valldemossa, Deia, Fornalutx, Pollenca, Soller, Sant Elm, Palma, Cala Figuera, Canyamel, Porto Cristo, Alcudia, Pollensa, Puerto de Andratx or Camp de Mar. Of course, there are other places, also romantic. However, the ones mentioned above will fulfill all the expectations I have listed above. Beautiful views, narrow Spanish streets, great restaurants with atmosphere, great places for photos and romantic walks, and peace and quiet.

When it comes to places such as Valldemossa, Deia, Soller, Pollenca or Puerto de Andratx and Sant Elm, you have to reckon with the high price of hotels and restaurant meals. In other places, the prices will already be moderate. I immediately add that Mallorca is not one of the cheapest destinations. It is worth noting that for one cheap is not at all cheap. If I had to choose from all these places top 3 places where I would like to spend my vacations, I would choose Deia on the first place. In second place Sant Elm and in third place Alcudia. Of these three however, Alcudia would be the best choice. This is because of the prices, great transport, the most beautiful beach in Mallorca, namely Playa de Muro and the beautiful old town. Not forgetting the top attractions in Mallorca, such as Sa Calobra and Formentor, which are right next door.

Here I leave you links to all these places:


The best places in Mallorca for people who love peace and quiet.

Mallorca is definitely not a peaceful place. Especially in summer, when millions of tourists flock to the island. However, on this small island there must be some places where it is peaceful and quiet. Maybe not during the day, but at least at night. It is known, during the day to the given places come also other tourists, who want to see the given place. Here, therefore, there is nothing to count on empty beaches or lack of bustle.

Here I have a few places to recommend, which in my opinion will provide peace and quiet. These will be: Can Picafort, Sa Coma, Cala Morlanda, Cala Mesquida, Cala Agulla, Sa Font de Sa Cala, Cala Gat, Sant Elm, El Toro, Can Pastilla, Cala Pi, Colonia de Sant Jordi, Cala Llombards, Cala Santanyi, Cala Figuera, Portopetro, Portocolom, Cala d’Or or Cales de Mallorca. As you can see, there are quite a few places. In my opinion, the most peaceful would definitely be Can Picafort, Sa Font de Sa Cala, El Toro, Cala Pi and Colonia de Sant Jordi or Portocolom.

These are not the typical tourist destinations that are proposed in travel agencies. There are no large masses that you can’t get through. Remember, however, that such peace and quiet means that it can sometimes be boring. In such places, public transportation is often lame, so the only way to get out of a given point, is to rent a car or buy an optional tour. This is the case of places like Cales de Mallorca, Cala Pi or Portocolom. However, all of these towns are very scenic and have beautiful beaches. I leave the decision, as always, to you!

And here are links to places:


Mallorca with children – where to take your family in Mallorca?

I won’t go on at length here, because I’ve already commented on this topic and a separate post has been written in connection with it. I will simply leave you with a link to it so that you can familiarize yourself with it:

Is Mallorca expensive? – Which place on Mallorca to choose?

Mallorca is expensive. As long as we have “normal” times, ticket prices in high season reach up to a few hundred zloty. For example, my parents fly to Majorca every year, at the end of June. For tickets with purchased seats, priority in the queue and hand luggage they pay about 1600 PLN round trip. This is not the smallest amount in the world. Parents usually choose the most ordinary hotel, rather one of the cheaper ones, but clean and with good reputation, with breakfasts. They arrive for 11 days and pay for it sometimes about 3 to 4 thousand zlotys.

Here I leave you a link to the post about prices on Mallorca and Polish products that you can get on the island:

In Mallorca there are regions more expensive and cheaper. To the more expensive will certainly belong to the area around the capital and around the mountains Serra de Tramuntana. Because of the location and most importantly, the VIEWS! Mountains are also inscribed on the UNESCO list, therefore, booking a hotel in this place will involve a higher price. As for the rest of the island, prices will already be lower. However, in every village there will be hotels that are boutique or boast high quality service and are much more expensive. Places that are often chosen by Poles are: Cales de Mallorca, Alcudia, the municipality of Santanyi – Cala d’Or and surroundings and Magaluf, which is the party town of Mallorca. I hope that I helped you a little in making your decision and you already know the best place to stay in Mallorca!

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