Mirador Es Pontas, Majorca.

Mirador Es Pontas is nothing more than another beautiful Majorca viewpoint. Another place that is really worth hooking along the way, during a trip around Majorca. I recommend this place, definitely for the sunset. That’s when the best photos will come out, which will allow us a softer sun. Signs lead us to the viewpoint. I do not recommend this place to people with fear of heights or with mobility difficulties. The road is full of protruding stones, and much of the area is not secured by barriers.

View point in Majorca.

Es Pontas is the name of a naturally formed large rock, a natural bridge, located next to the cliffs in the area around Santanyi. Mirador Es Pontas is simply a viewpoint with a view of the rock mentioned above. Sometimes there are people who jump from a rock. They are usually trained volunteers. You can only swim to the rock and climb to the top. You won’t get there by any bridge or footbridge. The rock is 13 meters high. In the summer, you can often see jumps into the water from this place.

Surroundings of Santanyi are big cliffs and sharp edges.

On the way to Mirador Es Pontas, you’ll definitely notice a strange stone sculpture. It was created in 1995, as the first in Europe, by the artist Rolf Schaffner. There are only five of his sculptures in Europe. The one in Majorca was created first. The artist’s sculptures are supposed to attract attention and make them reflect. If you want to go a bit further, you will reach dangerous cliffs. You will find small caves in the rocks. However, it is very high there and has no security. This is not an attraction for everyone.

What to see around Mirador Es Pontas?

Near Mirador Es Pontas you will find plenty of beautiful bays. For example, Cala Llombars, Cala Santanyi, the port Cala Figuera, the beautiful natural park Mondrago https://namajorce.pl/en/spain/balearic-islands/majorca/parc-natural-de-mondrago-mallorca/. As well as beautiful Calo des Moro https://namajorce.pl/en/spain/calo-des-moro-majorca/ i Cala S’almonia https://namajorce.pl/en/spain/balearic-islands/majorca/cala-salmunia-majorca/. For a coffee or an evening walk, I recommend Santanyi. Beautifully there!

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