Canyamel, Majorca.

Canyamel is a really beautiful and peaceful area in Majorca. I love coming back to this place, and when I came here for the first time, I dreamed to live here. The estate is of course very expensive and luxurious. The area around Canyamel does not offer abundant nightlife, lots of hotels and restaurants. Here you will find moderate peace and you can be sure that the views will knock you down.

History of Canyamel.

Let’s start with the history of this place. Apparently, the name Canyamel came from the fact that in the old days sugar cane was grown there. From ancient Latin, Canyamel means roughly: sugar cane and honey. In addition, the name Canyamel sounds similar to Caramel or Caramelo – which means candy in Spanish. On the local beach you will find a characteristic bridge under which the Torrente de Canyamel river flows. It is 8 kilometers long and stretches all the way from Arta.

What to see around Canyamel?

In addition to being a beautiful area, it is among the really great places that you must see while in Majorca. Especially since Canyamel is not too far away from you. Among other things, the beautiful town of Sa Font de Sa Cala , Cala Ratjada and Son Moll , Cala Gat, Cala Agulla , Cala Mesquida . Definietely worh to visit Faro de Capdepera (which is a lighthouse), beautiful town Arta, Castell de Capdepera (which is the castle), or placed in the same area caves – Cuevas de Arta Nearby is also another beautiful town, Costa de los Pinos. Equally luxurious and quiet. Hiding a lot of rocky, wild coves, very rarely visited by tourists.

Canyamel beach.

The beach is big and sandy. There is a bar on it and you can indulge in many water sports. In the summer, the views from the beach will extend to yachts and cruise ships. If you are a fan of boat trips, then I invite you to the post where I describe Majorca cruises And here is the link to the company that deals with cruises in Canyamel. Among others, on the section Cala Ratjada – Cuevas de Arta. In winter the beach is empty and calm. The views from the beach are also views of the beautiful cliffs, on the left the raw rocks of Cuevas de Arta, and on the right beautiful mountains, overgrown with forest, with a dozen or so villas. I really love this place. It is really beautiful and picturesque there. There will be several hotels and restaurants in the area. For larger attractions, go to Cala Ratjada or Cala Millor, where nightlife is a bit louder.

Hidden bays in Canyamel.

Just like the Costa de los Pinos, Canyamel also has its own hidden bays. One of them is concrete (on google maps under the name Cala Serch, but in fact there are no signs until it reaches the hotel (Baixada), from which you can go down), and the other is rocky, both are worth the effort. Below I will show you their photos, together with a map attached below, where to find them. The first, concrete, Cala Serch is medium available. The way to it is marked even from the Baixada hotel car park. 2nd cove is visible from the viewpoint at the Cuevas de Arta caves. To get there, we must find a descent by the parking lot to the caves. Then after a few minutes of walking on the rocks, we reach a rocky bay. The descent is hard, certainly not for children. If you like mysterious, wild descent, this is something for you.

mieszkanie na majorce
View of the hidden bay with no name. The photo is taken from the viewpoint at Cuevas de Arta. You can get there on foot, going down towards the forest, from the parking lot at Cuevas de Arta.
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