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Menorca vacation – is it worth to choose Menorca for your vacation? What is worth knowing about it? To begin with I will give you some information about this beautiful island. Menorca is the second largest island in the Balearic archipelago. What’s funny, there are less people living on Menorca than on Ibiza, which is slightly smaller. About 100,000 people live in Menorca, while Ibiza has about 150,000. And Mallorca is home to just under a million people.

In 1993 Menorca was inscribed on the UNESCO world list. For what reason? Because in Menorca are excellent conditions for the development of flora and fauna, which is why the island was declared a biosphere reserve. Menorca is about 700 km2 in size, about 50 km long and about 16 km wide. The highest mountain is Monte Toro, which is only 358 meters high. The capital of the island is the town of Maó-Mahón.

An important and interesting note is that due to its natural advantages, masses cannot come to Minorca. No more than 200,000 people should come to Minorca. “The Socio-Environmental Observatory of Menorca (OBSAM) has warned that the island should not exceed the red line of 200,000 people, which is considered the limit to withstand human pressure without violating the principles of balance and sustainability that have approved the island’s declaration as a biosphere reserve, since 1993.” Source:

Limit of people at Menorca.

My good source of information about Menorca is a great account on instagram run by Natalia and Dorian. Here I leave you a link to their instagram: There you will learn a lot of interesting facts from this beautiful island. Meanwhile, we will return for a moment to the topic of the limit of people. Many of you are probably wondering: how do they count all those people? Is it even possible?

Maybe not really, but you won’t see a mass of hotels and apartment buildings on Menorca. There are a limited number of hotels on the island, and the only hotel that can be built on the island is the one on the site of a demolished old hotel. This makes it easy to take care of the number of people on this beautiful island. Thanks to the limit of people, Menorca still remains a bit wild. In my opinion this solution is great and should be implemented in many other places – be sure to take a look at Natalia and Dorian’s instagram, where you can find out more about this topic.

Beaches on Menorca – Menorca vacation

Vacationing in Menorca is a great idea. It’s beautiful, peaceful and very climatic. On Majorca we meet crowds of tourists, on Ibiza crowds of party people, and Menorca balances it all. We can find here a lot of beautiful beaches and bays. We will learn a little bit about the history of the Balearic Islands. Menorca hides many secrets. It is worth getting to know the local culture, especially since it differs slightly from that of Mallorca or Ibiza. Many beaches are accessible only by water. So consider renting a boat during your vacation.

I am also curious about your opinion on pronunciation of the name of the island! The Spanish name is Menorca (pronounced Menorka) but Polish people pronounce the name of the island as Minorca. Which name is better for you?

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