Moving out to Majorca, contrary to appearances, must be a thoughtful decision.

Moving out to Majorca – if I had to make this decision again, I would plan everything differently. My move from England to Majorca was connected with the end date of the lease agreement for the flat in Manchester. We gave the keys to the apartment and went to the airport. We had a lot of feelings and of course we were excited. However, I wanted it more. It was me who pushed more to leave gloomy England for the sun and paradise life on the island. Piotrek, however, was a bigger REALIST. Then I called him a pessimist. But now I know he was right.

Why did I change my mind about Piotr’s approach?

Because Piotrek had lived in Majorca since the age of 9 and knew the realities of living on the island. Majorca is really mostly seasonal work. I also didn’t believe it and I was sure that I would find a job for the whole year. In the end I graduated from a hotel technical school, all doors are open at the bank! Unfortunately this is not the case. All-year hotels have so-called employees – – antiguos / fijos / viejos. So employees who have been working in the hotel for years and have good employment contracts. There are far fewer tourists in Majorca during the winter, which means that hotels do not need as many staff as in the summer. Only permanent employees remain for the winter. The same goes for clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, attractions and so on. Finding a job was a miracle.

Moving out to Majorca – how to organize a move from the UK to Majorca.

As I wrote above, our trip was the day of the end of the rental contract. We also had a flat out of our minds. We rented the flat through an agency, so we returned the deposit to the bank account after 14 days. At the bank, we reported that we were going abroad so that we would not be blocked if we tried to use it abroad. We were still waiting for the transfer of the deposit and recent withdrawals.

We reported to the office that we are going to Majorca and we will not live in England any longer.

I didn’t really know what to do, so I just called the office and asked what to do step by step when we were going abroad permanently. Unfortunately, I don’t remember everything because it was in 2018 and I didn’t think about recording everything at the time. I reported it because I was afraid I would have a problem with my tax or council tax settlement. In the event that the agency fails to fulfill its obligations.

Moving out to Majorca from the UK – how to transport your life belongings?

We have been looking for a long time for a company that will transport a pallet full of our things to Majorca. When calling companies, it turned out that they were no longer transporting to the islands or the prices were simply from space. Finally we found a great transport company SPEEDSHIFT. On the internet you will find a lot of unfavorable comments about it. It worried me a lot. However, we had to risk it. There were simply no other options.

And we did it.

All things, including equipment such as laptops, cameras, etc. arrived to us safe and sound. Within. Contact with the supplier was very good. The price is set individually, so I recommend you call! And as for the comments, remember that it is much easier to write a bad comment, when the palette of your valuable things has not arrived, than to write a good comment, when everything was fine. You know how it is. Here is the speedshift link:

Moving out to Majorca is not so simple.

I will start with the fact that it is worth thinking about WHEN to move to Majorca thoroughly. We moved to the island in August. It is practically the end of the season. Posts and posts are already filled. It is much harder to find a well-paid job or get a good contract at all. This usually ends up working part-time as a helper in the kitchen or on a kitchen sink. Of course, it varies and everyone is a blacksmith of their fate. However, we had savings. We wanted to take advantage of the island’s charms and even jump to Poland before we find a job and arrange our life on the island. And in Majorca we have a family with whom we live. So we had insurance.

Moving out to Majorca in winter is not a good idea.

Or maybe? If you are interested in the subject or you have been following my blog for a long time, you certainly know that to work in Spain you need to get a NiE number. This is an identification number for foreigners. In winter, it takes a lot less time to make this number. In spring and summer, many foreigners come to the island and plan to spend the season on the island. That’s when it’s hardest to apply for this number. You can wait up to several months for the meeting. Believe me, if you are looking for a legal, good job, this number is REQUIRED.

Why is it worth moving out to Majorca in winter?

Apart from the above, I can safely say that the island is much calmer in winter. It is the perfect time to implement yourself on the island. Get to know the neighbors, nearby shops, your city and surroundings. Take care of all official matters in Ayuntamiento. This is the perfect time to go to the office, register as an unemployed person and to ask for help in finding a job. In winter there are also Spanish (and not only) courses organized, where you can really improve your language, half-free. I paid 30 euros for an eight-month Spanish course. It allowed me to learn the basics of the language that I understood at work.

Winter is the perfect time for courses, including professional ones.

In winter, very few people work in Majorca. Most hotels, restaurants, attractions, clubs are closed. Rescue boxes and deckchairs disappear from the beaches. Majorca lives off tourism, so there isn’t really much work. So it’s worth thinking about the work you can do all year. Of course, the one available to foreigners. I mean cleaning, taking care of the villas, gardening, construction, gastronomy, and maybe work in real estate? You don’t need much to clean and garden, but if you want to look after the villas, you need to know languages, have knowledge or be lucky.

If you want to work in real estate, you should speak at least Spanish.

However, to be honest, German will be more useful to you. If you want to work legally at a construction site, you must obtain a card. You make a card by going to the course. The course is paid. The price varies depending on the position. There is also work in gastronomy. However, in winter you won’t necessarily get a full-time job. There are of course many more professions. You can think of supermarkets or transport / suppliers. It is worth asking about various support courses at SOIB – el servicio de ocupación autonómico. You will find their list on their official website! You also sign up there when you are unemployed and looking for a job. link:

Winter work in Majorca is possible.

It also depends on your language skills. Do you have a driving license, do you also have a car and where do you live. In Majorca, they give a lot of friends. This applies to both work and renting an apartment, or even help in offices. There are plenty of job offers in Majorca, even from Poles. However, there is ALWAYS a catch. Like everywhere. Here you need a driving license, here you need to know French, here you would have to commute to work at 7 am, and the bus starts driving from 9. Things are completely different in the capital of Majorca – Palma. Palma has often been called the best city to live in Europe. However, for everyone?

However, most people choose to move to Majorca in the spring.

Why? If you managed to get an appointment to get a NiE number in the spring, then just come and pay what you need. Unpack your suitcases, print your CV and look for a job. It is spring, or more precisely at the turn of April and May, the season begins in Majorca. That’s when the opportunities on the island open up. There are more and more ads in employment agencies, as well as on storefronts. The chances then increase much more. However, you are not the only one who chose this moment. At that time, good rooms and apartments for rent are starting to run out. Like everything, moving in spring also has its drawbacks.

Moving out to Majorca – where is the best place to live?

Here, too, the answer will never be one for everyone. It depends what you expect. If you like big cities and you care about personal development, as well as the development of your professional career, then you should definitely consider living in Palma. The transport there is well organized, there are plenty of shops, schools, restaurants, hotels and monuments. You can find a job everywhere – much easier than in other parts of Majorca.

If you are looking for peace and quiet and dream of a peaceful lifestyle, then you should choose every other region of Majorca.

Well, maybe apart from the party Magaluf and El Arenal. The truth is that every city except Palma turns into a ghost town in winter. You don’t need quarantine and a coronavirus epidemic to get everything killed by breaths. Here, the first will find a winter job. Jungle Law. Hardly anyone works here in winter. Manacor and Arta are also big cities. There, it’s also worth trying your hand if you don’t care about living on the island’s coast. There are definitely more shops, restaurants and other services. For those who want nothing difficult, they say.

Moving out to Majorca – what to think about.

It is definitely worth considering whether it is definitely the right time. Do you think you are well prepared for the trip? Are you sure your plan is ready? Do you have any plan B? Have you put enough money away? However, if you did not find a job for several months, then you have something to live for and pay for rent and utilities? Can your family possibly bring you home? What languages do you know, do you train them? Have you found a language course in Majorca? And of course the flat. Do you have any eye on it yet? And work? There are many questions, but as my mother says: risk physicist.

If I had to decide to move out to Majorca again…

I would choose February. And I would live in the capital, Palma. I’d have savings from England. I would start learning Spanish and German much earlier. I’d be interested in Polonia in Majorca. I would rent a small flat, at a low price, with good access to the center, if that would be possible. I’d have done a driving license before. I’d register as unemployed. I would print the CV and deliver it personally from store to store, from hotel to hotel, from bar to bar. I’d know if there are any courses for foreigners in Ayuntamiento and SOIB. And in case Piotr’s family would always be in Majorca and if it didn’t work out for sure we could count on them. Just as mine would help us possibly return to Poland. Do you have similar options?

For comparison, I will write you a bit about the current situation with the coronavirus in Majorca.

I started working in April 2019. I worked for over 6 months – tourism. Thanks to the fact that I worked 6 months, I was able to apply for help from you, i.e. ayuda. It amounts to around 450 euros per month. I also had savings from working months. My boyfriend also worked, but he should not be helped. I decided to go to Poland for the winter to get a driving license. In the meantime there were holidays and many other opportunities to spend money. Money does not go anywhere like in Poland. In this way, I got rid of a lot of savings, knowing that in May I will start working. During my stay in Poland I did not receive any benefits (you cannot). For this reason, it moved for me and I started downloading it only after returning to Majorca.

An epidemic broke out.

Borders closed. As this was my first year of work, I didn’t have a good employment contract. My contract does not guarantee that I have a SECURED job in 2020. In this way I was cut off from the inflow of any income except allowance. I have savings and I’m calm. However, think that you might not have these savings. And what? You don’t have a family here either, so what now? I will only add that although the borders will be opened in Spain, this does not mean that other countries will open them equally quickly.

This does not mean that there will be a demand for employees in tourism.

On the contrary. People cancel reservations or postpone them to the next months / years. Most of the island’s inhabitants make a living from tourism. Many of them have nothing guaranteeing an employment contract. At the beginning you will also have such a contract. Think about whether it’s just the RIGHT time. Are you well prepared. Moving to Majorca will wait. Make a good decision so you don’t get off the ground!

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