Cales de Mallorca – Majorca’s bays.

Cales de Mallorca is a place where many Poles go to every year. This is one of the cheaper areas of Majorca, but still beautiful. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, car rentals and mini amusement parks for children. The entire zone is surrounded by beautiful bays, often with long promenades stretching along the cliffs.

Cales de Mallorca for families with kids.

Cales de Mallorca is definitely not one of Majorca’s most entertaining areas. You will find here plenty of families with children and people who appreciate the surroundings of the city. However, Cales de Mallorca is a great starting point! Of course, I immediately point out that it is best to rent a car during your stay in Majorca. Here you are invited to a post comparing Mallorca car rentals: Buses run here, however, getting to Majorca’s tourist spots is associated with many transfers and a long journey.

Cales de Mallorca beaches.

There is a car park at every local beach. There are bars, showers, toilets and rescue booths on the beaches. These are guarded beaches. Beaches are usually surrounded by cliffs. On a windy day the water is rough and the waves are quite dangerous. However, during the summer, we can enjoy calm, crystal clear, transparent water here. On some beaches in the area there are also ports where you can buy a boat trip. Here is the link to the post in which I describe what such cruises look like:

Cales de Mallorca bays.

Cales de Mallorca have three main bays: Cala Domingos, Cala Domingos Petit and Cala Antena. However, in today’s post we will also focus on all other beaches around this area. They are very close and are definitely worth the attention! We are talking about: Cala Romantica, Cala Murada, Cala Mendia or Cala Aguila. The journey from Cales de Mallorca to these beaches takes only about 20 minutes.

Cales de Mallorca area.

I could write here about several other beaches, such as the famous Cala Varques. However, access to this beach takes 40 minutes on foot, and parking is not secure. This beach will be in a separate post. Only because in this post I would like to describe the beaches that are easily accessible to everyone.

Cala Antena, Cales de Mallorca.

We start with Cala Antena. When I first came here, I thought this beach was the most beautiful in Majorca. That’s because my sightseeing wasn’t so intensive then, haha! Currently, the bar is slightly overpriced, but Cala Antena has something inside. To reach Cala Antena we have to go down dozens of steps. At the bottom you will find a medium-sized, sandy beach with umbrellas and sunbeds, and a bar. A very pleasant beach. In the afternoon, however, we can go for a walk along the promenade, led by the cliffs, at sunset.

Cala Domingos and Cala Domingos Petits

Cala Domingos and Cala Domingos Petits. This is definitely my favorite when it comes to Cales de Mallorca. The distribution of these two bays is great. From the Cala Domingos promenade, we have a view of both beaches. The water is incredibly blue and contrasts with the cliffs of sandy color. Umbrellas and sunbeds are laid out on the beach in summer. There is also a restaurant, toilets and a rescue booth. The beaches are medium-sized, both sandy. I would recommend!

Cala Anguila, Mallorca.

We are now outside Cales de Majorca, but we are still 20 minutes away from the village. Cala Anguila. A lovely little creek. Another one with crystal clear water and a beach guarded by a lifeguard. Apart from the appearance, it is no different from the others. There will be several shops, bars and restaurants around Cala Anguila, but this is not a crowded area.

Cala Mendia, Mallorca.

Cala Mendia. Another bay in the area. The beach is sandy, around the cliffs. The beach is medium in size, the water is also beautiful! I would definitely recommend going here if you are bored with the nearby beaches.

Cala Romantica, Mallorca.

Cala Romantica. Here, the hallmark is the white cliffs, which contrast with the blue, transparent water of the Mediterranean. There is a tiny port here where a cruise ship is moored. There’s also a promenade here. There is a restaurant on the boardwalk, from where the wonderful smells of fried fish come out in the summer! The beach is medium in size, but it is really cute.

Cala Murada, Mallorca.

Cala Murada is in my opinion the ugliest of the bays, but it has its own charm. Here you will also find parking, restaurants and toilets. The beach is surrounded by cliffs. During my trip to this beach, I noticed that thanks to its location, the wind felt much easier. The beach is therefore suitable for people who love to sunbathe and warm in the sun, without any obstacles. Behind the beach is a pond where you can feed ducks. On the left you can easily see a kind of residential building carved in rock. You can enter there freely. What charmed me here were the colorful houses on the left side of the beach. This is something that is rare in Majorca! Neighborhood is quiet and calm.

Cales de Mallorca – what to visit around?

If you plan to take the direction of Cales de Majorca during your stay in Majorca or stay here, I definitely recommend you even drive to the above-mentioned places. In addition, nearby places worth visiting are: Santuari de Sant Salvador, Castell de Santuari – link here: , Cuevas del Drach – link here: or even Manacor, where every Monday from 9.30 to 13.30 the market always breaks down.

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