Cala Fornells in Majorca.

Cala Fornells in Majorca is a bay that fell in love with me at first sight. It’s been a long time since any place has made such an impression on me. The bay is small, but it is incredibly picturesque, full of beautiful landscapes, and the view from it spreads over the coast and the beaches of the town of Paguera.

Cala Fornells actually consists of two beaches: Cala Fornells and Calo de Ses Lisses, and for those who prefer it, there is a bay nearby called Calo des Monjo, which can only be reached on foot or by boat. The two bays mentioned above, on the other hand, are much more accessible. You can’t get here by bus, but from the town of Paguera, which is right next to it, it is only a 15-20 minute walk with beautiful views. The town of Paguera can already be easily reached by buses.

Shops, restaurants, toilets.

Cala Fornells in Majorca offers several hotels by the bay, but you must be a guest of the hotel to use their toilets or restaurants. There is also free parking here (drive up the bay). As for toilets, unfortunately there are none here. In summer there may be mobile toilets set up here for tourists, but I have not seen any myself. The surroundings of the bay are very well maintained, and you can see that the tourists coming here are rather elderly people or families with children. People who are looking for beautiful views and peace.

Cruises, sunbeds and prices.

From this bay you can also take a boat cruise that arrives at Marineland – something like an amusement park, where the main attraction is animal shows – for example, dolphins. Would I recommend it? Not really – remember, the animals’ place is in the wild. Speaking of sunbeds, the price for a sunbed is €4.50, the same goes for an umbrella. It’s often the case that in order to use a sunbed, you have to buy both and an umbrella, as the umbrella is embedded in concrete or dug deep into the sand and can’t be moved. Therefore, even if you are alone, you have to buy the whole set, i.e. two deckchairs and an umbrella.

One of the most beautiful sights in Cala Fornells is definitely the boats and yachts, or catamarans and sailboats, which are in abundance on the water in summer. Cala Fornells is famous for its beautiful, crystal clear waters and tranquillity. The beach here is sandy and pebbled. In some places in the bay there is poured concrete, on which you can also spread out with a towel. You can feel stones, sand and algae growing on the stones in the water under your feet – for this reason I recommend taking swimming shoes with you. This will prevent you from slipping! The water here is shallow, so it is also a great place for children. However, there are no shops nearby, so I recommend getting some drinks and food beforehand in the town of Paguera, which is right next door.

The “las Aldeas” estate in Majorca.

The “las Aldeas” estate was designed by the famous Russian architect Pedro Otzoup and built in 1976. In his honour, in the main part of the estate, a memorial hangs on the wall. This architect designed many villas on Mallorca, including one owned by Claudia Shiffer. His designs are famous for their beautiful colours and also for being built on the cliffs, in the first line of the coast. This estate is a place I really enjoy returning to, because of its colours and location. A perfect place for a walk or lunch with nice views, as there are several restaurants here! What else I really like about this place is the abundance of greenery. Palm trees, cacti, nature typical of Mallorca. You must see it for yourself, but in the meantime, I invite you to take a look at the photos.

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