Cala Banyalbufar is a small bay placed in small village Banyalbufar.

Cala Banyalbufar is significantly different from all others in Majorca. You can see here a lot of human interference in her appearance. As the bay lies at the foot of the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, it is known that access to it was once definitely heavier. Beach is rocky and concrete, with a small harbor at the end. The entire length of the bay, on the cliffs are mounted mesh protecting against breaking off boulders and stones. The water here is crystal clear and the views from the beach also extend to the cultivated terraces.

Cala Banyalbufar.

Why is this beach different from others? What makes this beach stand out is definitely human interference in the appearance of the beach. Usually, the beaches of Majorca are associated with beautiful, almost white sand, palm trees, umbrellas and restaurants on the promenade. You won’t find any of these things here. The beach in the morning is hidden in the shadows that cast huge cliffs. On the cliffs you can see protective nets, after passing through the pebbly beach we go to the concrete port, where it would be most convenient to spread towels. What adorns the cliffs is also the mini waterfall. Water flowing down from there earlier collects in reservoirs used by local winemakers to water their crops. Water from the waterfall drips down the carefully carved stones, which grows with moss. A pleasant chill blows from the waterfall.

By Cala Banyalbufar there is a parking.

Getting to the beach is easy. There are parking spaces in the city itself, but you can also use a paid car park located inside the town. The cost can be found in the picture below! Another car park is located just off the descent to Cala Banyalbufar beach. However, there may be a lack of space because it is not among the largest. Going down to the beach is easy, because there are wide stairs leading to the beach. On the beach, however, walking barefoot or in sandals can be a problem, so I recommend you bring comfortable walking and swimming shoes!

Nearby Cala Banyalbufar You should visit 3 oter beaches.

These are Playa Port des Canonge, Playa de Son Bunyola and Playa Punta Roja. There are also a lot of viewpoints there. On the way to the town of Banyalbufar, it’s worth stopping at all viewpoints. They are not expertly marked, it is enough to drive and slide in every possible place. Where there is a parking space, there is definitely a beautiful view! 🙂

What to see around Cala Banyalbufar?

Puerto de Soller:
Willa Raixa:
Jardines de Alfabia:
Palma de Mallorca:

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