Cala Antena in Mallorca

Cala Antena in Mallorca is one of the bays I visited first on the island. I was very impressed by this place and it definitely made me fall in love with it. This place is really close to my heart. What attracts you to Cala Antena? Definitely the sandy beach and easily accessible services such as a beach bar, toilets, showers and sunbeds for rent. There are a lot of hotels around, so expect the beach to be very crowded.

Parking your car here is fairly easy. We have two options. Parking under this location: “39.46733492017834, 3.281819820323416” and walk along the cliffs to the bay itself (the descent is very easy, the road is wide and sandy and there are stairs to the beach itself). The other option is to park your car in the housing estate on the other side of the beach. There used to be a river in a ravine, called torrente. Currently there is no trace of it.

It is also possible to park your car just behind the beach. As the road on the cliff is wide, two cars can easily fit there. However, I do not guarantee that it is forbidden to enter there, therefore I recommend more to park in the place I marked above.

What to do in and around Cala Antena in Mallorca?

Cala Antena in Mallorca is a bay ideal for families with children. It is also a great place for masked divers, because the surrounding rocks guarantee a lot of different fish and creatures that live underwater. Interestingly, if you go to Cala Antena from the sea, your attention will be drawn to a large cave on the left side. Small boats can enter it, as well as brave swimmers from the beach side.

Another cool attraction in this area is definitely the boardwalk through the cliffs. The promenade leads from Cala Antena, through Cala Romeguera to the beautiful Cala Domngos. I highly recommend taking this path for a walk, the views along the way are beautiful and you can easily get from one place to another. What to do near Cala Antena?

In addition to the above-mentioned attractions are certainly worth visiting the surrounding bays, such as: Cala Varques, Cala Anguila, Cala Mendia, Porto Cristo and caves Cuevas del Drach, or the port town of Portocolom, beautiful Cala Mitjana and the surrounding bays in Cala d’Or. I am very interested in your opinion about Cala Antena! Have any of my blog readers managed to get here? What is your opinion about this place?

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