Sightseeing in Majorca.

Sightseeing in Majorca are usually expensive. Especially those in small groups. To pay 50 euros per person for seeing attractions that I can see alone is a bit too much for me. Of course, the offers are different, but if you are looking for trips around Majorca then most of the prices will fluctuate in this area. I am a fan of organizing sightseeing on my own.

I often buy guidebooks for a given place and on this basis I learn a bit about the history of a given place. And now, when we have instagram – I look for people living in a given place and ask what and how. Often these people already have something on offer. For example, e-books or help in organizing tours. I take! We rent a car and drive. From morning to night. Where we want

Sightseeing in Majorca – how to organize that?

First of all, you have to find a company to rent a car from. As everyone has different preferences, I once made a car rental comparison service in Majorca. Link to post here:

Without a car in Majorca, he’ll visit much less. That is why I recommend taking a car for at least one day each time. Then you can see places that no trip will take you to. Secondly, you have to think about what you want to see, what you want to focus on. Do you prefer to focus on nice views and spending time on the beach, or do you rather want to learn about the history of the place? Or maybe you want to try local wine? Or choose one of Majorca’s many cycling routes? For some, it’s probably too much and your head starts to hurt. Because how to organize it all? And here I come in! 🙂

Sightseeing in Majorca – personalized sightseeing plans around Majorca.

As I am a fan of cheap sightseeing, as well as organizing trips on my own, some time ago I started writing personalized sightseeing plans for people who have no head to organize and want to visit Majorca along and across. My plans don’t cost 50 euros, they are for every budget. I always make sightseeing plans that I write for each individual. First, you fill out the form in which you describe what you expect and I use it to prepare the whole plan, from A to Z.

Do you want 4 days of exploring the beaches and bays? Relaxed. Or maybe you care about getting to know some of Majorca’s culture and flavors? Sure! I will write a plan for you, including places where you will be able to taste local specialties. Who knows Maybe while you are on the island there will be culinary fairs? It will definitely include it in your sightseeing plan.

Sightseeing in Majorca – how to order my personalized sightseeing plans?

Fortunately, Patronite came to the rescue. Portal through which I organize all this. It was there that I created a profile where you can support me financially in the form of a donation. And it is on this profile that you can choose your personalized plan for visiting Majorca. Depending on the number of days – the threshold increases. For example, a 2-day sightseeing plan is a threshold of PLN 10. And the highest threshold is PLN 50.

Patronite was created so that people who value my work could support me. As I feel the obligation to reward them, I decided to organize personalized sightseeing plans that can be used during my Majorca vacation. I approach sightseeing plans very individually. Donations can be paid once! And you can opt out at any time. Here is the link to Patronite, where you can learn more:

Reviews by people who ordered personalized sightseeing plan from me:

“I would like to thank Natalia very much for writing us a plan to visit beautiful Majorca <3 !! Literally everything was included in her plan: from beaches to charming monuments, to points of interest and advice (full descriptions on how to get to and where to go)! I highly recommend it! Thanks in part to Natalia and meeting Majorca, I decided to live there. Thank you again. :)”

“Your plan helped us so much! We wanted to rent a car for 3 days, unfortunately because of the accident the previous person got the car for only one day. Unfortunately, we managed to implement only part of the plan. As I was already in Majorca and visited a little ( more around the palm tree) I chose this part with valdemossa ? we liked it very much. We saw everything from the list except puerto de soller, because we couldn’t find a parking space ??
We were able to walk to sa coma and see punta de n’amer ?
In general, you helped us a lot! Because in terms of food I asked you a few questions and everything worked out!
Also after time but thank you very much! ? next time we will try to see more from the list. Maybe we won’t have bad luck with a car ? “

Sightseeing in Majorca without a car.

Unfortunately, I must fail many of you now. Visiting Majorca without a car is a little less attractive. Well, unless you have previously made sure that the operator of your vacation enrolls you on optional trips. A cheaper option, but it still involves visiting the island at given hours, with a lot of people – this is not a very attractive option for me.

At least because such a trip pays attention to the majority. If there are many children on the trip, then much more time will be spent on children’s attractions. What if you don’t care much about it? Exactly. You don’t make anything. There are still buses, blah blah, hitchhiking and bicycles. While there are a lot of cycling routes in Majorca, the other options are a bit difficult to tame.

Sightseeing in Majorca via public transport.

Public transport is well organized and developed in the capital, Palma. Speaking of the rest of the island, unfortunately, but there is nothing to count on. In winter, it’s not at all. In summer, transport is well developed only in some parts of the island. For example, Sa Coma, Cala Ratjada, Alcudia – these are places where there are a lot of tourists and buses from these places will take you to the nearest surroundings.

But what if you want to get from one end of the island to the other? It will take you by car from 2 hours, by bus from 5. One way. It depends where you want to go. Places that are difficult to access, you just have to give up. So you only need to explore the area around the town where you stayed. And if you plan to visit more distant places, it is best when organizing your trip, to book hotels in different cities.

Sightseeing in Majorca via bla bla car or hitch-hiking.

Since I have lived on the island, I have only seen hitchhikers once. Here, hitchhiking may work, but no one practices it. The blabla tsar works for that. This is the application where you create an account and add fuel to the person who chooses you as his passenger and who goes where you want to go. Who will you meet there? Not known Is that safe? Nobody knows. Does the person you drive with drive well? Not known However, no risk, no fun. This is definitely an idea and solution for people who travel on a low budget. In Majorca, blabla tsar is not so popular, BUT it exists. And it’s worth using it, if you can profit from it!

Sightseeing in Majorca – is it really worth investing in it?

Sure! There are a LOT of places in Majorca that you just MUST see. Below I will introduce you to MUST GO places in Majorca. So those that should not be missed.

MAJORCA MUST GO – beaches and bays!

Definitely a must see PLAYA ES TRENC. It is also worth going to the bay of Cala Pi. Another paradise beaches and bays are Cala Agulla, Cala Mesquida. And of course you can’t miss the beautiful Sa Coma beach or Playa de Muro! Let’s not forget the charming Playa Formentor! You will not be disappointed on these beaches. You can also try your hand at getting beaches that you won’t reach by car, such as: Cala Marmols, Coll Baix and Cala Varques!

MAJORCA MUST GO – atractions!

Obvious obviousness – the capital of Majorca – Palma. Here, you must at least walk past La Seu Cathedral. On holidays I like to play, not only in clubs, but also for sports. That is why I have to mention Kathmandu here. You could say it’s an attraction for children, but I had a great time there. We also add to the list: mini golf and a rope park, as well as the house of illusion in Kathmandu!

What else is worth visiting?

Another place worth visiting is the old town of Alcudia, especially in the evening. It is also worth going to Capdepera Castle. It is a well-kept castle overlooking the island of Menorca! There are many sanctuaries in Majorca, which is why I recommend going to one of them – Santuari de Sant Salvador. In addition, it is worth going to the town of Can Picafort, where you can see water sculptures (I recommend sunrise)! Of course, you can not miss such attractions as the serpentine, winding roads on Sa Calobra or the beautiful Cap de Formentor, where the views are breathtaking!

MAJORCA MUST GO – the most beautiful cities.

The towns to which you must go are definitely Banyalbufar, Deia, Valldemossa, Soller, and Pollenca. All these places are beautiful, picturesque towns that perfectly reflect the beauty and climate of Majorca. Each of them has something special that you won’t find in another! I could exchange further, I’m not even half!

Top 10 places does not exist!

Every now and then I discover new places and my top 10 list is constantly changing. If you care about visiting places tailored to you, do not suggest such letters. It’s best to discover places by yourself. Really. By straying out of the way, not planning too much, indulging in spontaneity. Holidays are freedom that we miss every day. It is on vacation that you can indulge in what you like the most. That is why it is nice to have a plan drawn, but possibly to deviate from it. I wonder how you plan your vacation? Do you visit a lot or do you rest? And if you like sightseeing, are you buying guides or are you planning a sightseeing plan on site?

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