Sa Coma – Majorca

Sa Coma – Majorca, that is the place when I stayed for the first time here. During the first visit, I met my current partner there. He worked in a hotel where we stayed. Next to Sa Coma, there is a small town – S’illot. It was here that my boyfriend lived. And now after a few years of absence, we return to where it all started. I have already been to Majorca several times, due to the fact that Piotr’s family still lives here. We come to visit them. In the meantime, I got to know the area well, which is why the first post will be about our area. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Beach in Sa Coma – Majorca 

Sa Coma attracts not only with a beach, which of course is really beautiful – that can not be taken away. Crystal clear water, attractions, sun and golden sand. This place is bigger than S’illot, and only one small bridge separates them, which is a local marker of the border. Walking through the promenade you will pass a lot of restaurants and many jewelry stores. You’ll also pass the port and mini fun park with billiards, batons for children and others. Now only the beach is left. Big, wide, beautiful and always full to the brim. And behind it, a promenade surrounded by a forest of palm trees, through which you can walk or cycle.

The beach is often visited by locals who sell cold fruit and offer various kinds of foot, arm or back massages.

There is also a small horse stable in Sa Coma, which is used by many people in the summer. It’s called Rancho Sa Coma and is located just at the end of the beach, at Avinquda de les Savines. Apart from many restaurants and pubs, delving into the center of the village you will find another promenade. It’s perfect for tourists who love shopping. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, accessories for sunbathing, rent various vehicles. Or make yourself henna tattoos and everything else you can imagine :). In this town there is also a mini water park, with small attractions for children. A bar, swimming pools, a paved lawn, as well as golf and a zoo. Sa Coma – Majorca is a great choice when it comes to choosing a place for your holidays! I would recommend!