Sa Calobra on Majorca

It’s not because of beautiful beach or crystal clear water – it’s a surety in Majorca. The point is that it’s hard to get there. This is a real challenge for most people. Some people are afraid to get behind the wheel, when they find out what’s going on those roads. I honestly am not suprise at all. I was twice on Sa Calobra and I was scared every time I went there. This is not even about trust to driver. Heights are frightening. And if we add to this – huge cliffs and precipice all around us – you probably know what I am talking about. This is what draws the attention of people who are hungry for adrenaline … and beautiful, breathtaking views. Sa Calobra shows You, how small You are in this world.

How to get to Sa Calobra?

We always went to Sa Calobra by car. We know that you can also get there by bus, but we do not have any other information about prices etc. This village is located on the north of the island. Serpentine roads start already at Lluc town. The whole route to the port of Sa Calobra is serpentine – it is called Nudo de la Corbata (meaning a tie knot). Some of You can be worried about it, but unfortunately you will not go straight for more than a minute on that road :)!

Some of you will definitely be renting cars.

I know it is quite risky to take a rented car on such a journey. We also went there with a tiny Fiat Panda once, loaded with five people … and we made it! We were afraid of an accident or scratching a car in narrow places on the road. In the end, we did not have any risky situation. Well … maybe except for the fact that my mother, who was driving the car, said she will not pass the bus on a narrow stretch of road.

She stopped the car and let go of the steering wheels.

She was afraid to drive further. Big coach on the left. On the right is a huge precipice, from which we share only a twenty-centimeter wall. Anybody’s shocked about her decision? I would propably start crying. It takes an hour to reach the port and beach. Usually longer if you drive there for the first time – because of fear. You can also rent a taxi, however, it is much more expensive than normal – due to the risk.

What is waiting for us along the way?

Despite the fact that the road to Sa Calobra is dangerous, I still recommend to go there. Sa Calobra tempts motorcyclists, cyclists, walkers, and once – even some races took place there (as far as I know). I can even tell you that once, when I was watching a movie with Peter, I noticed that one of the scenes was shot just at Sa Calobra! I wondered then, how much people must sacrifice to make a minute long scene. Along the way, there are many downhills to the viewing terraces. There are also restaurants, with toilets. You can also stop and take beautiful pictures, or simply enjoy these views there.

What’s at the end of the tour ?!

Well … you know that crowds of tourists do not go to Sa Calobra only for the road itself. At the end, you reach the port. We park the car in a paid parking lot. A few steps away You will see a restaurant, overlooking the beautiful harbor and the beach. When we pass the restaurant, we go to the promenade which leads us to the beach, hidden at the foot of the ravine … 8 kilometers long – Torrent De Pareis. At some point the promenade narrows to a width of about 2 meters. The rest of the promenade is carved into the rock. After passing through this mini cave, go down the stairs to the stony bay. The bay is surrounded by HUGE cliffs of the ravine. Water is colder than normal. Also deeper. Underfoot, we do not feel the sand, just gravel.

The Torrent De Pareis can be crossed.

Sometimes, however, especially in the winter, the river starts to flow. It is not deep, but sometimes makes it impossible to cross. However, it is a good relief for men who are bored with lying down and sunbathing, by the side of their beloved one. Gentlemen! You can go for a longer walk for some adventures, giving us some free time, without telling us, hundreds of times, that you are too hot 😉

Visit Sa Calobra!

It will be an unforgettable adventure. I’ll go there again – my little dream is to go there on motorbikes, together with Peter. I think it is less frightening, bevause it takes up much less space on the road. I do not feel that fear that much. For sure we will try to pass as much as possible through the ravine. I can not wait to show you more content related to Majorca. I hope I can persuade at least one person to go there!