Cala Gat, Majorca.

Cala Gat is a very picturesque bay, located next to Cala Ratjada. I love such places. Sand, mega clean water. Behind the forest and rocks around. And a beautiful promenade! The bay of Cala Gat is well located. Slightly hidden, which certainly protects from the wind. What I liked there was definitely the rocks on the beach that separate it into several parts.

What to see around Cala Gat?

Cala Gat is a very quiet area. And very picturesque. This is a very good starting point. Around there will be a lot of places to visit. For example, Cala Ratjada and Cala Moll, where we get by walking along the promenade called Passeig Ses Amfores, which is located behind the beach. The beautiful Sa Font de Sa Cala, Cala Mesquida, Cala Agulla and Castell de Capdepera are also nearby. There is also a beautiful garden nearby, which you can visit up to twice a day, with a guide. It’s called Sa Torre Cega. And definitely Faro de Capdepera will make a great impression on you. It is a lighthouse with a view of the beautiful, HUGE cliffs.

Cala Gat is placed in my favourite area in Majorca!

There are several hotels in Cala Gat, and Cala Ratjada is right next door, where life is definitely more vibrant. There are plenty of bars and restaurants. At night, there is also life. Cala Ratjada is a region slightly more expensive than others. It is really picturesque. The bay referred to in today’s post is actually in my favorite area in Majorca, i.e. Capdepera. It is extremely interesting and picturesque to me. The local bays and rock formations make a huge impression on me.

Empty house in Cala Gat.

There is another very interesting thing here. Going to Faro de Capdepera along the main path, we will see a great gate on its right. It’s possible that there will still be police tapes on it. This is a huge, abandoned villa. I’ve never been to such a strange, riddled place. The villa is for sale, for only 600,000 euros. On my instagram you will find a report from this place. I recorded everything, I didn’t take pictures. The villa has a very unusual construction, full of nooks and crannies, basements, basements, garage and caravans. The history of this place is unknown to us. If you are a fan of strange, unusual places. Then come inside.

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