Beach clubs in Mallorca

Beach clubs in Mallorca – how many are there, where is it worth going? What do these beach clubs offer? In today’s post I will describe you what it is all about. Many people associate beach bar or beach club with something expensive. And in fact, this is also the case. Beach club is a restaurant with a bar, located right next to the beach/sea. There can not miss good music, sun beds, often canopy beds and a swimming pool. In Mallorca there are many such beach bars. Some of better, the other worse quality.

One thing is certain. To have a good time there, you should have a lot of money with you and spend most of the day there. These beach bars are much more expensive. You pay for a deck chair/bed there. Booking in advance is definitely required. Beach clubs in Mallorca are often restricted to adults only. It’s not that unbelievable things happen there, it’s just that the people who are there want to relax in peace, without the presence of children.

Which beach bars on Mallorca are worth recommending?

In front of you is a long list of beach clubs in Mallorca that are worth paying attention to. Their decor is beautiful, not to mention the views. Service is top notch and a good time is guaranteed. I would like to point out right away that these places are not sorted from best to worst club, nor by location. It’s up to you!

List of beach clubs in Mallorca:

Purobeach “Oasis del Mar” – Palma de Mallorca
In this beach club you will pay about 50 euros for a sunbed and breakfast. Of course, you have to book your place in advance because it might be all taken. This place, apart from beautiful views of the capital beach (180 degree view) and the surrounding area, also offers wellness&spa services and yoga. There is also a clothing and accessories store. They have 135 loungers and 5 “balinesas” beds, which are canopy beds on wooden stilts. I leave you a link to this place:

PuroBeach Club Illetas – Illetas.
This is another beach club from the Puro chain, located near the capital, on the bay of Cala Comtesa (Illetas). What distinguishes this place is the direct access to the sea. If you go there, you also need to book a deck chair or a Balinese bed in advance. There are slightly fewer of them, with only 109 sunbeds and 4 beds. Like the PuroBeach in Palma, here you will also find a wellness&spa area, yoga and a store. I leave you with the link:

Assaona beach club – Palma de Mallorca.
In my opinion one of the best places when it comes to beach clubs in Mallorca. I am a fan of the decor of this place and of course the access to the sea. This place, in my opinion, is a typical island atmosphere. Prices as usual not the cheapest. But I will not repeat this. As well as the fact that it is best to book early! This beach club offers great music, beautiful decor, restaurants and bars, a terrace and the possibility to book a table inside. Of course, there are also lounge chairs on the beach. Link here:

Anima beach – Palma de Mallorca.
This place is already much smaller, but due to its location, the prices are still high. It is a restaurant right on the beach, overlooking the sea. There are a few sunbeds and the decor is already more modern than local. I leave you with a link and my own interpretation:

Beachside restaurants in Mallorca are not included in the list.

Nikki beach club – Magaluf.
One of the most popular beach clubs in Mallorca. It owes its popularity to the fact that the Nikki chain is a global chain and has its clubs and hotels all over the world, even in Dubai. The location of this beach club favors its attractiveness, because it is located right on the beach, in the most party town in Mallorca. This place offers both sunbeds and Balinese beds. There is also a pool and great music on site. This is definitely not the cheapest beach club in Mallorca. Check at least the menu prices on their website, I leave you with a link:

UM beach house – Puerto Portals.
This place, in my opinion, will sweep you off your feet. And I will tell you honestly, that if you like this kind of atmosphere, this is a place worth its price. The decor is beautiful, there is everything you need to spend a nice day. There is also a sea view and you can check prices here: Here I really like the fact that it is one of the few beach clubs in Mallorca that shows prices for sunbeds/beds on their website.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to enter many of these places without a reservation.

Zhero boathouse – Magaluf.
Another beach club in Magaluf. It is smaller, with sea views and beach access for those who want it. There is also a pool on site. Prices are really cool, compared to other beach clubs. In my opinion, a place worth visiting if you are looking for a cool atmosphere, with good music and food in the background. I leave a link:

Balneario beach club – Illetas.
Another very nice looking beach club on the island. It has access to the beach, but no pool. The decor is more modern, but it still retains an island feel, which I like. It is not my favorite, however it is located in a beautiful place. The prices in the restaurant, however, are quite steep. Here I leave you with a link:

Gran Folies beach club – Cala Llamp, Puerto de Andratx.
One of the very instagram beach clubs in Mallorca. The instagram is swarming with pictures of the pool, located right by the sea. The place is nice, however the above (in my opinion) were already better. Prices in the restaurant are average, typical for such a place. Sun loungers and a pool are available. There is no sandy beach in the area, so access to the sea is only from rocks or rocky bays nearby. The views are wonderful though! I leave you the link:

In such beach clubs, you are guaranteed towels. So you don’t have to bring them with you.

Mhares sea club – Llucmajor
Very nice place with beautiful views. The club also has a sizable pool and in addition to loungers, offers a Balinese bed. The beach club is located on a cliff, off to the side, which allows for a little more privacy. A great location in my opinion. I leave you with a link to the gallery of this place, on the website you can see their offer (without prices):

Mar y paz – Can Picafort.
It is not a typical beach club. It is more like a restaurant with a view of the sea and a swimming pool. There are sunbeds, but they resemble those on the public beach rather than more comfortable ones with mattresses. Prices are really decent and the views are interesting. This place is located near the beautiful Playa de Muro beach, so if you are in the area, it is worth dropping in, if only to eat with a nice view. I leave you a link for your own evaluation:

Cap Falco Beach – Cala Cap Falco.
This is a tiny restaurant located on Cap Falco beach. It is very intimate. There is neither a pool nor private sun loungers belonging to the restaurant. There are, however, public deckchairs on the beach. The price for renting these sunbeds varies from place to place. The cheapest I rented was 5 euros and the most expensive was 10 euros per person. So you can expect these prices. So I count this place as a beach club, but it is not strictly a luxurious, prestigious place. I leave you with a link to facebook, because their website is not working:

Beach clubs in Mallorca worth visiting – how do you like the list so far?

Oceans beach club – Magaluf.
Another beach club in the town of Magaluf. It is a typical party place, with loungers and beds. There is also a pool, music and a party. Restaurant prices are available on their website. The club is overlooking the sea and you are only a promenade away from the beach. I leave you the link:

M&M sky bar – s’Illot.
Here, admittedly, we have a bar located on the roof of the hotel in s’Illot. However it is overlooking the sea, close to the beach and has a pool and the possibility of sunbathing on the deckchairs. Plus very nice music and what more do you want? Prices are, as usual in case of such places, a bit exorbitant. However the views are nice and the place has a nice atmosphere. I must immediately add that the place is not too big and certainly the hotel’s clients have priority here. I leave a link:

Który klub plażowy na Majorce podobał Wam się najbardziej?

My favorites are definitely Assaona and UM beach house. I love places like that. Let me know in the comments if you have been to any of these places or which one you would like to go to. Here I also leave you a link to the map on which I marked all beach clubs on Mallorca:

Wszystkie zdjęcia pobrane są z grafiki google lub z oficjalnych stron klubów.

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