Spanish course in Majorca – sounds like a dream come true!

Is it really so? We met in 2015, and in 2018 we moved to Majorca. Majorca is full of Spanish courses. I do not want to write here about courses on which I had no opportunity to be. For this reason, I will describe the Spanish course in Majorca I am currently attending. It takes place at Son Servera. As far as I know, other courses are also held in Palma de Mallorca, or even in Cala Millor. They differ in price, intensity and level.

How to find a Spanish course in Majorca?

There are several options to find a Spanish course in Majorca. One of them is simply a google search engine. We find some courses in this way, but I can not guarantee that they will be cheap. Facebook is another way. It is worth finding a group of Americans or English or anybody who live in Majorca and ask them for advice. The next way is to call the Majorca office. It’s best to enter in Google Ayuntamiento + the place that interests us. We are looking for a number to contact and call. Officials should calmly communicate in English. Then we ask for language courses, prices and dates.

Are the Ayuntamiento courses good enough?

Personally, I attend a course that takes place at Son Servera and is organized by the goverment. The course starts in October and ends in May. There are two levels to choose from. One – basic, on which we literally learn the alphabet, numbers and so on. Second – intermediate, on which more advanced topics are already touched, and students are able to speak and write in Spanish. Attending the basic level costs 15 euros for 8 months, and basic and intermediate 30 euros. Lessons take place four times a week. They last an hour and a half. About 20 people participate in the course, but the group decreases over time. Currently, after three months of the course, there can be 8 people on the lesson.

What is my Spanish level?

At the beginning of Our relationship, we planned to move to Majorca. However, We didn’t have enough money. That is why Piotrek moved to me, to England. During our English journey, Piotrek taught me Spanish. Not much, but I understood something. I knew a few words, I could change some verbs. I learned sentences by heart. And additionally I learned on my own through the application on the phone. The application is called Mondly and I recommend it if you have enough self-denial to learn every day. Mondly operates on a daily lesson basis. However, the demo version have one minus. If you do not do a lesson on a given day, it will be forfeited.

My Spanish is intermediate.

So I studied with Piotrek and a bit on my own. Therefore, when Piotrek enrolled me for a course, he stated that I was able to go on two levels. Basic and intermediate. Then I was stressed and I was afraid that I would not be able to understand anything. However, I quickly changed my mind. At the moment, the basic course is really easy for me and the intermediate is a challenging one. However, I understand most of the lessons and I can keep up with the rest of the group. Thanks to the two levels I understand more. I read and speak better.

What does the Spanish lesson look like?

Lessons take place at a school that is maintained in the old Majorcan architecture. You can drink at the lesson (this is a course for adult immigrants). There is a vending machine with hot drinks on the ground floor. The lesson is being taught by a Spanish woman (at least in my case) with great experience. I am very happy that she is my teacher, because in my opinion, passing on her knowledge could not look better. She is patient, calm, speaks clearly and draws attention to whether everyone understands the topic.

The lessons are, of course, in Spanish.

I’m the only Polish woman on the course. The rest of the people are retired Germans, a few people from Arabic countries and a couple from Hungary and one Russian. At the moment when I do not understand something, Ana first tries to explain it to me in Spanish or figuratively. The ultimate is to use English. I’m the youngest one the course. The rest of the people are 40+ and I have to admit that they are doing great.

What do we get for 30 euros?

It is rare that a course that costs 30 euros for 8 months of study offers something more. However, the office tried as best as he could. We get to the course our own briefcase, pens, pencil and our own photocopies, on which we can write. Every lessons (depending on the amount of material) we get new study materials. If you failed to attend the course on some day, you can apply for a photocopy at the teacher’s or your photocopy can be passed on to someone in the class who lives next to you. The atmosphere at the lesson is really right. Nobody laughs at anyone. Everyone is patient and helpful. There is a lot of laughter and learning. It’s definitely worth it.

How to quickly learn Spanish?

If you’ve ever learned a different language in your life, it will definitely be easier for you. I had German at school, then English and some French. Knowing English is certainly much easier with vocabulary, because some words sound similar. E.g. Stupid – Estupido, Intelligent – Inteligente, Sympathetic – Simpático.

The most important thing is regularity.

If you count on going to the course after 8 months you will be singing in Spanish, you are wrong. This requires exercises at home and a lot of attention to lessons. It is very helpful to listen to Spanish music, to watch Spanish movies. And the best way is to have Spanish friends. I am lucky that Piotrek and his parents speak Spanish and if I wanted to, they would only speak Spanish to me, which would certainly help me. Course + exercise at home + music / movies + conversations with Spaniards = success. You will catch the language as soon as you can.

What if it’s really hard for you in the course?

Try harder. There will always be people who really do not have time to exercise at home or outside. That’s why I understand that some are going really fast and others need more time. The main thing – do not be ashamed. Everyone once started and everyone makes mistakes. It is known that everyone is sometimes ashamed, but none of the people on the course I attend does not pay attention to the fact that you are making a mistake. Everyone is moving forward. You do not know?

Repeat five times and you will finally learn.

If I can not remember something, I try to fix a given word or phrase or the principle in a different way. I compare it to something or I associate it with something that is well remembered. I write on the sheet as many times as necessary to finally remember. At home I do my own tests. Every few lessons I write words, expressions, verb variations and arrange sentences, which later I have to translate into Spanish. It works!

Okay, so how do you sign up for the course?

As I mentioned, courses organized by the office are held in the winter – off-season. From October to May. The most important thing is going to school. You will find the address and telephone number in this link: SPANISH COURSE Records are usually only open in the afternoon, so it’s worth to call in advance to find out exactly. The person who answers the phone also speaks English.

When you get there, you’ll get all the information you need.

You will be enrolled in a course that interests you. You will receive a card with lesson hours and a card with the bank account number to which you must pay money for the course. In addition to signing is a mini “contract” in which you place your data, along with a photo (as for ID). You consent to the processing of your personal data and the placement of your photos (or not) on social media. It is also important that you copy your ID card or passport. A photocopy must be added to the contract.

Is it possible to sign up for the course during the course?

You can. During the first month of the course there was a slight confusion. Every day someone who wanted to sign up came. However, such a person will not necessarily get all previous photocopies from the material that has been converted. It depends only on the teacher. In this case, I also think that a person who goes to the basic level and enrolls for a course after a month is much harder. At the very beginning of the course the basics are discussed, thanks to which you can later build sentences or even say that you do not understand something or that you have to repeat something – in Spanish.

Are there other activities organized at the school? Other language courses?

Yes. Plenty. Spanish, however, belongs to the cheapest. A German course is also organized, but the prices are several times higher, and the duration of the course is several times shorter. There are also English courses. You can sign up for Zumba, Yoga, clay-making classes and many other interesting things. As some of you know, during the off-season Majorca does not have so many attractions. Therefore, the office undertook to organize the time for people who live here. For a small fee, you can find a new passion and spend time in the company of nice, open people who share your enthusiasm. A very nice solution.

What about individual lessons?

As in any other language – everyobody can learn it. You just need to push Yourself to do it. In addition to long-term courses, you can also find individual lessons online. I will not recommend anything here, because ultimately I did not use anything. On many sites, such as FB, are announced by Spanish people who will teach you the language for a fee. On Skype, or at home. That’s how I studied English for a period and it definitely helped me believe in myself. You can make really big progress. However, everything never ends with just working on a lesson. You always have to practice yourself at home.

What are my feelings about the course I’m attending?

I am very pleased. For the price? Wow. The course lasts eight months. Lessons take place four times a week for one and a half hour, which is 6 hours a week. It seems not much, but trust me – it is very sufficient. I suspect that when getting more information than I have – I could not learn it. After all, we are learning really fast anyway and Ana is saving herself with additional exercises during the lesson. I learn a lot at home because I do not work.

Spanish Course in Majorca in Son Servera take place in the evening hours (4p.m., 6p.m.).

I have enough free time so I can easily learn at home. I have seen great progress since I started. Less than three months have passed, and I am able to write, speak and understand the basics – conversation in the store, small talk with a friend, or understanding text at a lesson. It gave me a lot that I go for two courses. Basic and Intermediate. I understand more, I try harder.

I highly recommend the Spanish course in Majorca organized by the office in Son Servera. Everyone!