How to buy a property in Majorca and what a wedding with a foreigner in Majorca looks like – these are the two themes of today’s interview!

In today’s post you will read about it. Kinga will tell you quite extensively how to buy a property in Majorca at the end of the interview, and at the very beginning you will learn more about getting married with a foreigner. This interview is a bit extensive, but it contains really interesting and useful information for brides! And of course for everyone who wants to buy a property in Majorca.

jak kupic mieszkanie na majorce
1. What is your name, how old are you and where are you from?

My name is Kinga. I’m 24 years. I come from the south of Poland, around Rzeszów.

2. What do you do, what is your hobby?

Is currently working. As for the hobby: yes, foreign languages are something that fascinates me. I love learning new words and expressions. Traveling is another hobby. It’s definitely related to the first one,
because traveling to a new place we get to know a new culture, languages. And of course sport, probably since I was a kid, at the beginning it was swimming, dancing, team sports, and since times
high school graduation – gym.

3. How many years have you lived in Majorca and where?

I lived – the past tense. I made the decision to return to Poland last year 2019, ending
the season I took all my belongings and decided to come back. Find a job, somehow embrace life in
Poland. I don’t know how it will work out for me. I loved Majorca, for the climate, freedom, openness that’s why not. Say I will never go back there, but I have chosen Poland so far. I lived in the northeast
islands in a place like Can Picafort, Playa de Muro. Lived there for a total of 4 years. I was in Majorca for the first 2 years during my break from study or student internship. I left for the first time for three months from May to August. The next year I was already at the end of February to the end of September with a small 2-week break to return to Poland and pass the session. After 3 years of studies and defense, I went to Majorca at the beginning of June, until November. I spent the last year or 2019 from February to November on the island. It’s a little complicated, I know, I’m a bit lost in it myself.

4. Where did the idea for Majorca come from?

Majorca is a complete accident. As I mentioned, I went to practice for the first time in Majorca
student. I studied hotel and gastronomy, my university gave me the opportunity to travel
holiday to work, to hotels to various countries. Such as Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland. I was very reluctant, but at the urging of my friend from college I went to Majorca. I didn’t want to hear about going on vacation for over 3 months at all because I was studying far away from home. During my studies I was visiting my family only twice, that’s why I waited for holidays and return to my hometown. But I let myself be persuaded. We went in a group of 4 people from one direction. As it turned out, there were already students from our university who went on apprenticeships at an earlier date and we exchanged with them.

jak kupic mieszkanie na majorce

5. How did you perceive Majorca before you left?

I think like everyone. Warmth, beach, party, night life, generally eternal chill. In fact, besides I didn’t know much about Majorca, how it lives, its culture or history.

6. What were your beginnings in Majorca?

As I was a student at apprenticeship, I didn’t have these problems, which is usually the case for new immigrants. Flat, work – I had it provided by the universities in the hotel. We slept in the hotel part for the staff (very average conditions, but it was possible to get used to it), we also ate meals at the hotel. Upon arrival we had to settle official matters and I really don’t know how we did it because none of us knew Spanish, and in some offices it is really hard to get along in English.

In general, I think Spaniards are lazy and do not want to learn other languages (of course I do not want to generalize).

After getting the NIE number and seguridad social, we started working. Work of course in the hotel, in the restaurant. Working hours typical for such a position 9-12.30, siesta and return to work at 18.30-22. So a change in partido. Overall, I remember this period very well. First job abroad, lots of parties, lots of sunbathing.

7. How do you perceive Majorca after the time spent there?

Majorca is beautiful. I will not change this sentence. Wonderful beaches, coves, great food. However, work in season and life can be hard. In the following years of work there were not so many events, sunbathing and carefree. However, this is normal because I have already started working on “normal” conditions, not as an apprentice.

8. Have you worked all the time in the same place in Majorca, or did you change jobs?

In summary, I changed work several times. The first job, as I mentioned as part of the internship, was in a hotel restaurant. The next year I was in Majorca again, but as a trainee my position changed. Due to the fact that I already knew a lot of Spanish, I applied for the position of “ayudante de dirreccion” – something like the help of a director. In this position I got to know all the hotel departments. From restaurant, bar, kitchen, reception, room to paperwork, administration. It was very interesting, but sometimes boring, you know, I couldn’t make any decisions alone. Later I spent the season as a waitress again. The next year I started working at the bar, and my last season I worked at the reception.

9. Did Majorca meet your expectations?

I didn’t have any special expectations for Majorca. I also think that everyone will find it on the island
what he is looking for. Some peace and rest, other parties and night life, others also hard work and

10. What would you list the pros and cons of living here?

The advantages are definitely the climate! Nobody will tell me that the weather has no impact on our well-being, because it has a huge impact. You wake up and you have beautiful sunshine every day outside the window and you immediately want to live. People, their slack and the conviction that what you don’t do today is tomorrow, because tomorrow is also day. Initially, I couldn’t get used to it, but they are right about it. Less stress = more smile. And, of course, food, seafood, sangria, delicious, refreshing drinks, “pan con aioli y aceitunas” – bread with aioli sauce and olives, a lot to mention, but this is something I will definitely miss.

Let’s get down to the disadvantages.

Just as the weather does not hide is one of the biggest advantages, it can also be a disadvantage. Months such as July and August, where the temperature reaches 38 degrees, and you go in pants and a long-sleeved shirt to work. Tourists staying on the island then will not understand this. And I can immediately mention another flaw, tourists. Without them, the island could be said not existed or at least did not function as it does. But probably everyone has heard local complaints about mass arriving tourists. The season in Majorca is eternal traffic jams, queues in restaurants, shops, aquaparks etc. Here is such a paradox: if not for tourists, there would be no work in Majorca. But as they are, you have to complain about them. Certainly, the disadvantage for people who live permanently on the island are also prices. It’s expensive everywhere. Prices typical for tourists.

jak kupic nieruchomosc na majorce

11. Are you with a foreigner – what nationality is he?

Yes, I met my husband in Majorca in my first year. He is Colombian. Already know why at first I didn’t want to go to the island and later I came back to it at every opportunity.

12. Just tell me how did you meet and how did dating look like? Is it something completely different from what we are used to in Poland?

We met by accident – the whole trip to Majorca is one big accident. He worked in a bar near my hotel where I lived on an apprenticeship. We used to be a group of friends in this bar every day, after work for a beer. Well, it turned out that I was the one to talk, but he invited me to the first meeting! I didn’t think there would be any of this. I didn’t think of him in the boyfriend category. Knew I had 2 months left on the island and I just wanted to spend it well. That it wouldn’t sound weird now. I just like meeting new people.

In Majorca I met a lot of people from all over the world: Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru (the island is inhabited by a lot of Latin American) Czech Republic, Germany.

Moving on to our first date, we just went for drinks. At an abnormal time because he was finishing work at 3 am! It was hard with the next meetings. When I was at work, he was off, I came back to siesta, he started. I only had one day a week off, he too, but even those days did not coincide. We also had to work hard to meet. As for the forms of dating, it’s probably standard – going out for drinks, dinner.

13. How did your family react? Have you encountered any opposition? How did his family react?

His family met me much earlier than mine did. Rather they received me well. Initially it was hard for me, because no one in his family speaks English. I didn’t know then Spanish. We talked to my husband for over the first year of knowing English. Enough I quickly learned Spanish and could communicate freely with his family. I had to just motivation. As for my family, there was no objection, commentators. Everyone both my family and friends received my husband very well.

14. What did the engagement look like? I mean tradition – does he also kneel on his knees etc.?

I never expected to get engaged. On the contrary, he had everything planned. I came to Majorca for only 4 days, for a longer weekend. Some time before he called my parents on Skype and asked for my hand. I learned about it after all. In general, I don’t like being the center of attention and doing some engagement show. We were only the two of us for dinner, a walk and a proposal after dinner. And as for kneeling, he should kneel, but he forgot from stress!

15. What does wedding planning in Majorca look like? What documents are needed for the wedding? Have you had problems getting any documents?

We took a civil wedding in Majorca. We + witnesses. However, we organized a church party and reception in Poland. Due to the fact that my family is more numerous and there were only 12 people on his part. As for the paperwork, I think that my experience will be useful to future brides wishing to marry a citizen from outside the European Union. The husband has lived in Majorca since the age of 7, but he has no Spanish citizenship yet.

The documents needed for a civil marriage in Majorca are: birth certificate, translated in my case and certified as original (apostille).

More precisely: I received my birth certificate and had to send it to Warsaw so that they would give him a stamp that it is original and can be used abroad. In addition to the act, you need a certificate of registration in Majorca min. 3 years. Also a certificate of marital status, which you will also receive when you receive your birth certificate. And of course an identity document (passport and NIE number).

And that’s it, we go to the registry office, we fill out the questionnaire on the spot with questions about us and our future spouse.

Type: where did we meet, when, what do we know about his family, about his interests, what does he like food, etc. and we can set the wedding date. As for Majorca, everything went quickly, efficiently and no one had a problem that the Polish woman marries a Colombian. Asking at the office in Poland what documents we will need here the stairs begin. First, stupid commentators appear: “Why with a Colombian?” and making silly mines I will not be able to write what documents you need, because such information can be found on the Internet.

There is one important thing.

If you decide to marry a citizen of a country that is not in the European Union, then a “certificate of marital status” will be required. It is required in every case, but such a document does not exist in every country. This is the case with Colombia. Information on marital status is included in the birth certificate and does not issue any other document confirming marital status.

Which, however, is not accepted in Poland.

The only solution in such a situation is to submit the case to court to grant permission to marry your future husband without presenting a certificate of marital status. On the basis that such a document does not exist in his country of origin. I know this is complicated and I only learned about it when I needed it. Also maybe someone will use this information. And if you decide to get married in Poland, start getting documents min. half a year earlier.

how to buy a property in majorca

16. What does the matter with names look like? How do you inherit them and what is the situation like for children?

I stayed with my maiden name. In Spain, nobody will ask you what name you want to have after marriage. You just don’t do it there. Children in Spain inherit names from both parents. The first surname of the child is the first surname of the father, the second is the first surname of the mother.

The case is different in Poland.

At the time of registration of our marriage on the basis of the act concluded in Majorca, we had to complete a statement on what names we and our children will use. And here is another problem. The fact that I stay with my maiden and my husband leaves his names was no problem. As for the children, we wanted them to be like in Spain. One father and one mother. However, Polish law does not allow the separation of my husband’s two names, because it is treated as one. In this way, we made a declaration that future children will have names like their father.

17. What are the differences between Polish and Colombian traditions at a wedding? What does such a wedding look like? It is known that everyone has their own preferences, but you certainly talked about the tradition. Or maybe, as your husband grew up in Majorca, the traditions were more Majorcan?

As I mentioned, the wedding and reception for a larger group took place in Poland. The whole party was more Polish than Colombian. Food typical for weddings, however, we added something from each other. We made a corner of alcohols and snacks from Majorca and Colombia, so that guests could at least taste the delicacies there. When organizing a wedding, we also wanted her husband’s family to see and taste Polish food. Well, where else than at a Polish wedding? As for tradition, we decided that my dad would lead me to the altar – it always looks that way in Columbia.

The young do not enter church together.

I know, this is also practiced more and more in Poland. The wedding took place at 14, in Columbia it is usually 17-18. Evening hours and the party ends rather around 2 o’clock, after oczepiny. At the wedding party dinner is served, then some snacks, of course there is also alcohol – Aguardiente, something like our vodka, but with anise aftertaste, I personally don’t like it. It was typically Polish with us. Wedding, reception in the wedding hall, oczepiny, party till morning.

I also remember that my husband’s family was very surprised, even shocked by the amount of food.

It was known lunch, cake, dinner, in addition to the country table, cakes. Such things are definitely not practiced with them. As for such typical traditions – we gave up the blessing of parents before entering the church. I just don’t like this kind of thing. There was no thanks to the parents at the wedding. We just did it in private after the wedding.

18. Is there anything that surprised you?

Probably not, in Columbia more like this style of “American” wedding. So the ceremony in the evening and then the party.

19. Haven’t you ever thought of getting married on the beach? I know that Majorca was out of the question, but maybe it crossed your mind?

Initially, I was thinking about a beach wedding, beautiful views, the sound of the waves. Our wedding took place in January, i.e. calmly after the working season in Majorca. I honestly couldn’t imagine getting married in the summer, during the season. We know how hard it is to get off at this time. As I said, the party took place in the wedding hall. We also decided to organize a wedding in Poland, I will not hide that because of the costs. As far as I know, such parties in Majorca are counted a lot, in addition to the costs associated with the transport and accommodation of wedding guests. But you know, a wedding in Majorca in a beautiful setting must be something great. I’m not saying that mine wasn’t like that because it was better than we expected.

20. Are there pre-marriage sciences in Majorca, just like in Poland?

Yes, they are. And we did such teachings in Majorca. Mainly because of the language, it was simply easier for me to study in Spanish than for my husband, in Polish. The certificate was collected and delivered to the church in Poland, where the wedding was to take place. We did science in one day. Some accelerated course.

21. Are there any strange requirements for you when you marry a Colombian?

No, I haven’t encountered anything like that.

22. And what is the situation with wedding gifts?

As far as I know, for example, the Spaniards have gone a long way in this direction and already on wedding invitations give the account number to which wedding guests can deposit money. We normally asked for envelopes, and instead of flowers we organized a charity collection.

how to buy a property in majorca

23. How to buy a property in Majorca – what’s the matter with buying an apartment? What, how and where? Interest rate, commissions, everything – tell your story. It is known that everything has to be approached individually, so it would be best if you just described how it looked like in your case!

First of all, it’s hard to find a flat in Majorca at a good price. Both for rent and for purchase. We decided to buy an apartment quite quickly. From the perspective of changes that have taken place in our lives, I don’t know if I would do it again, but now we treat it as an investment. I do not want to write why so, and not otherwise, just describe how this process looks like, maybe it will be a tip for some. We were looking for a flat through a real estate agency and if there were any private offers we would not have bought it through the office.

24. How to buy a property in Majorca – is buying an apartment expensive through an office?

The offices count very large commissions. They reserve about 6000 euros for the initial agreement itself, non-refundable. Such an office is partly easier, because they later contact the bank, the owners of the apartment and do all the necessary formalities. When it comes to documents, I think it looks similar in Poland. You must present your employment contract, with all your monthly earnings, because your creditworthiness depends on it. Later, the bank assesses the real price of the apartment and decides how much you have to pay to start and how much credit it will give you.

25. How to buy a property in Majorca – you bought an apartment on credit, you think that buying an apartment for cash is possible?

Yes, we have a flat on credit. I will not lie that in Majorca you will earn so much that you can afford your own apartment without credit. Just the documents of ownership of the apartment, the purchase contract is a lot of money. At the start you have to prepare a min. 30,000 euros. It is known, everything depends on the price of the apartment. And the price depends on the size and location.

26. How to buy property in Majorca? – was buying a flat in Mallorca difficult for you? This is definitely stressful. Did any unpleasant situations come out along the way? Have you lost any money?

It is actually stressful, a lot of formalities, but to survive. No, I have not encountered any unpleasant situations. The real estate office is very helpful in the end. In the end, it depends on the sale of apartments, because they have commissions.

27. How to buy property in Majorca? – what style do you have an apartment in? What’s your inspiration? What’s your favorite place in your apartment?

We lived in the apartment only for a while. It is currently rented after making the decision to go to Poland. Sometimes I enjoy the thought that if not Poland, I have nowhere to come back. I have my place. As for the apartment, it is practically new. Bright, large, transparent, just a few meters from the beach, with a large balcony. The family who sold them stayed there a maximum of 2 months a year, coming on vacation. We bought a flat with all equipment.

28. How to buy property in Majorca? – You and your husband have a residency in Majorca. Is there a minimum amount of time that I need to live on the island to buy a property when I buy a flat? Is only the NIE number sufficient?

To buy an apartment, all you need is a NIE number and a bank account. There is no minimum time to stay on the island. Friends of parents also bought a flat in Majorca and the same situation was with them. They only had to have a NIE number. You also do not need a green residence card. Only NIE number.

29. How to buy property in Majorca? – how long was the time from choosing an apartment to picking up the keys?

It went quite quickly with us. We made our decision somehow in June. We were watching the flat around the middle of June. Later, the whole process at the bank and notarial matters. We collected the keys somehow at the turn of September/October.

30. How to buy property in Majorca? – do you remember any tricky official / banking tricks in your real estate contract?

I recommend reading the contracts concluded with real estate agencies carefully. It is known that they want to sell an apartment or rent, because it is a big profit for them. They really deduct a large amount from the value of the apartment. In addition, if you take the first steps and decide on the apartment, you sign a preliminary contract. In our case, the advance was already EUR 6,000 in this contract. It was a NON-REFUNDABLE advance.

31. How to buy property in Majorca? – are Majorca also entering new owners in the land and mortgage register?

Yes, on the day the owners handed over the keys, we were together with them at a meeting with a notary public, where new owners were entered in the land and mortgage register.

32. Were you happy living in Majorca?

Life in Majorca is different than in Poland, no doubt. More carefree I learned from people, more sun. But what started to irritate me is such instability. Work for 6 months, in the best case from March to November. Mostly with one day off each week and all working holidays.

I was running out of time spent with my family when I saw that all holidays, birthdays and family events are passing me by.

During the season, one day off a week is very little. Now I have weekends off and I really feel the difference between one and two days of rest. Of course, people working outside the hotel and catering industry have a more regulated lifestyle. Let’s face it, there are definitely fewer such people. Hence the decision to go to Poland. Poles often complain about life from weekend to weekend. It doesn’t have to be this way. I learned to appreciate it just after experiencing work in Majorca.

how to buy a property in majorca

33. How did you learn Spanish?

At the beginning, when I came to the island, I could do almost nothing, just a single word. Staying virtually all the time with the Spaniards, later with my boyfriend and his family I just listened
in this language. I often wrote down and translated the words I often heard. I listened to a lot of songs in Spanish, then I watched TV series to keep in touch with the language. And somehow it came in the same way. I really wasn’t sitting over the books. After time, as I was able to assemble full sentences, I reached for grammar to learn how to speak well at different times.

34. What are your plans?

I have a lot of plans and a few exits too. When one fails, there is another. I honestly say that it is in Poland that I feel that I have the opportunity to implement them. In the end, I think that Poland offers more opportunities for development. Even when it comes to work, if it doesn’t work out in one direction, you can try in the other. Majorca limits it a little. Of course, I do not say that it is impossible, because for wanting nothing difficult, but I have the impression that it is a bit easier here. I have the impression that even while working in Poland I have more time for myself.

35. What do you do in your free time?

Differently, what I feel like: a book, a series, a gym, I love to discover new culinary places and flavors.

36. What did you do in Majorca during the winter?

I was running away from her. It’s a little boring there. In the place where I lived a lot of places are closed. Few people on the streets don’t look like an island at all during the season. In the winter I usually went to Poland.

37. How do you know about Vacaymode?

From instagram, I don’t know how I came across you anymore, but the content and thoughts about the island totally agree with mine.

38. Did my profile show you places in Majorca that you didn’t know about?

Plenty of such places! Certainly returning to Majorca I will visit more than one recommended by you. However, a man working during the season does not discover these beautiful nooks hidden by the island.

39. Favorite Majorcan dish?

Frito mallorquin, pan con aioli – it’s more of a snack and if I can call it a dish it’s Sangria!

40. Favorite Mallorca Restaurant?

I can recommend a few in the area where I lived, maybe you just need someone visiting the north-eastern part of the island: La Pinta, Can Gavella, Ponderosa- Can Picafort, Boy- Playa de Muro, La Terrazza- Puerto de Alcudia / Alcanada, 5 oceanos chillout – Bon aire.

41. Favorite place in Majorca?

I love beaches, which is why all beaches and coves are probably my favorite places.

42. What would you recommend to see in Majorca?

Going to Majorca I would recommend renting a car and traveling around this wonderful island. Majorca has so many beautiful places that it is a sin coming here to buy an expensive hotel and spend all its time in it. I leave the recommended places and beaches to you, because your instagram and blog are a treasury of knowledge.

43. Sea or mountains?


44. Dogs or cats?


45. Salt or sweet?


46. Beaches or bays?


47. When you say “good everywhere, but best at home” – where do you mean?

Not a place but people. I need to have a sense of security that gives me the environment. I think that I adapt quickly to a new place, that’s why people decide where this house is.

how to buy a property in majorca

As you can see, buying a property in Majorca is not much different from what it looks like in Poland.

Everything is possible, but you only have to want and pursue your goal. In Majorca, help from real estate agencies seems to be inevitable, which is also very often used in Poland. However, marrying a foreigner sometimes involves completing a lot of documentation. But is it worth giving up for stupid papers? I admit that you need a lot of patience, money and perseverance for both. Together with Kinga, we hope this interview has helped some of you. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or send a private message.

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