Mallorca sightseeing plan

A Mallorca sightseeing plan is a very important thing to take care of before leaving for this beautiful island. Going somewhere, I often look for people who live on the spot and are able to recommend me unusual places. Such that are not described in guidebooks. I usually browse google compulsively in search of ‘top 10’ lists. Top 10 beaches, top 10 attractions, top 10 towns – this is normal.

However, I noticed that these places often repeat themselves. They are definitely overcrowded tourist spots that everyone goes to because they were recommended in a travel agency or a hotel…. Because you can see it on postcards… And I just stopped being interested in it at some point.

Ok, it’s a known fact that the places on the ‘top ten attractions’ lists are not on the list for no reason. I agree with this, and I myself definitely go to such places if they appeal to me. However, I know from experience that often such places are very different from what we saw in the picture. That’s why I decided to start writing my own personalized Mallorca itinerary. Having lived here and visited many places, and I am able to tell whether they are worth visiting or not.

A personalised Mallorca sightseeing itinerary.

Mallorca sightseeing plan is not such an easy thing at all. Firstly, most people think that there is nothing here, which is quite the opposite. Mallorca is not one big party town. There are lots of vineyards, lots of castles, lots of sanctuaries, very many beaches and bays. Those more crowded and those hard to reach. There is somewhere to dive, to jump into the water from cliffs. Every year various festivals, events, races, exhibitions are held here. Mallorca is called the island of cyclists. Here you can climb mountains, dive with a cylinder, with a mask. Visit caves, go horse riding on the beach or visit the beautiful gardens and public villas.

I could write you point by point about what is worth visiting Mallorca.

But does that make sense? It doesn’t. This is because everyone has different tastes. It is worth to personalize the sightseeing plan and write it down according to the place of accommodation and the number of days. It’s good to know if someone prefers to visit intensively or slowly. It is worth knowing if someone would like to go to a local market and buy hand-made souvenirs. Such markets are held on different days of the week and in different places. It is also good to know if there are any festivals or local celebrations in the given period in which it is worth taking part. This is where I come in.

I am making sightseeing plans to visit Mallorca.

Step by step. You tell me you want to buy the plan, I send you a link to the patronite platform I use. There, you choose the support threshold and decide how much you want to support me. As a thank you, I will write you a personalized tour plan. Beforehand, I send you a questionnaire which you have to fill in and send off. In the questionnaire, there are a few questions so that I can create a tour plan according to your preferences. After receiving your payment and the questionnaire, I will draw up your itinerary in consultation with you. Of course, you have the possibility of contacting me during the whole trip and making changes to the plan. Many people have already taken advantage of this and I have yet to hear a bad review!

Follow this link to find reviews from people who have already benefited from my tour plans:

Here you will find a description of the top places on Mallorca, which I would recommend to anyone who travels to the island and wants to leave it in love:

And here you will find a list of festivals, festivals, events in Mallorca, listed month by month, day by day:

Mallorca sightseeing plan – places to visit while on the island.

The most beautiful beaches worth visiting in Mallorca are: Playa de Muro, Cala Torta, Sa Coma, Cala Agulla, Playa Es Trenc, Platja de Ses Roquetes and many more.
The most beautiful towns to see on Mallorca are definitely: Deia, Fornalutx, Valldemossa, Soller, Pollenca, Alcudia, Palma, but there are other remarkable towns that will make a great impression on you.

Other places worth visiting in Mallorca are, for example, the castle of Castell de Capdepera or Castell de Bellver. The museum la Granja, the public Villa Raixa. Visit the Jardines de Alfabia gardens and eat at the Cassai restaurant in Ses Salines or the island restaurant Restaurante Illeta.

If you are looking for hard to reach bays then you should check out: Coll Baix, Cala Marmols or Cala Varques, but there are many more such places….
I highly recommend you to go to the home page of my blog, where you will find an interactive map. There you can find all the places I have visited and described on the blog. With the map, you can decide what to see in your area during your stay on the island.

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