Colonia de Sant Pere, just like many other places, they are not crowded with tourists in winter.

Colonia de Sant Pere is a very quiet town in the northeast of the island. It is known that tourists are also here. However, not in such quantities as in other areas of Majorca. If you are looking for a quiet holiday with great views, then Colonia de Sant Pere will be perfect. Here you will find peace and quiet.

Colonia de Sant Pere!

It is a big town with a beautiful port. The city has amazing views. It is surrounded by a beautiful belt of massive Llevant mountains. In addition, the town has a beautiful promenade. Walking around it is definitely just a pleasure.

Several restaurants are open by the promenade, even in winter.

Going deep into the city you can admire beautiful, typical Mallorcan houses, often decorated with local flowers and greenery! Near the village of Colonia de Sant Pere there is the Monastery – Ermita de Betlem. Located in the mountains. I definitely recommend visiting it. The beach in Colonia de Sant Pere is mostly rocky. There will definitely be no such crowds on the beach as in Alcudia or Playa Es Trenc. Here you will definitely meet Spaniards more than tourists from other regions of the world.

Colonia de Sant Pere history.

There are few inhabitants on this coastal belt. In total, in the summer season, they can accommodate about 3,000 people, which shows that Colonia de Sant Pere is still one of the less crowded cities on the coast of Majorca. There are only a few tourist facilities here, all of which are small, because most vacationers live in single-family homes, on their own or for rent.

This is what makes Colonia de Sant Pere different from typical tourist towns.

You can enjoy a very calm and quiet atmosphere here even in summer. At a distance of less than a kilometer from this coast are the peaks of the highest mountains of the eastern mountain range, that is: Fred’s watchtower, the Ferrutx forest, Xoroi or Tudossa. They form a barrier of cliffs about 500 meters high, which separates Colonia from the rest of the municipality of Artà and gives it a strong landscape character.

This town was famous for agriculture and fishing, but it was also famous for making wine.

It was Lord Jaume II who ordered the planting of vineyards in this area. Currently there are a lot less of them, because they were destroyed by the disease – Phylloxera. It destroyed most of Majorca’s vineyards and some species have not been able to recover so far. However, work is underway!

I would definitely recommend Colonia da Sant Pere as a place for your vacation!

If you like peace, quiet and beautiful views, this place is a hit. You can relax and rest here incredibly. With views of beautiful, powerful mountains and crystal clear, calm sea. What else is worth seeing in the area:
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