Almudaina Palace – what to visit in Mallorca?

The Almudaina Palace is a historic site that is located right next to the famous La Seu Cathedral in Mallorca’s capital Palma. A very important and useful piece of information is that this place can be visited completely free of charge on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Sundays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Normally, a ticket costs about 4 euros. If you are visiting the capital on this day, I strongly recommend you to enter the palace as well. The Almudaina Palace is the seat of the Spanish royal family during their stay on the island. Admittedly, the royal family definitely prefer to stay overnight at the Marivent Palace, located on the Cala Major.

As far as opening times and prices are concerned, these can change, so I refer you to the official website of the palace, where you will find the latest information on this subject:’ll get to the information you might be interested in during your visit to the palace in a moment, but before you start reading, I’d still like to recommend that you jump for an ice cream at the Italian ice cream parlour RIVARENO. It is located right next to the cathedral, on the corner. The ice cream is delicious and you won’t regret it if you try it.

A bit of history about the royal palace – Almudaina Palace

The history of the palace dates back to the 14th century. Together with La Seu Cathedral, they form a beautiful symbol of Majorca. In the 14th century, King Jaume II lived in the Almudaina Castle, which has been used as the seat of the island’s government since Roman times. This place on Mallorca is of great historical importance and if only for this reason it is worth visiting. Only a small part of the palace can be visited. Many of the rooms are closed and not accessible, and the staff will not give you any information about them.

During the tour you have access to, among others, the Patio of Honour and Arms, the Arabian Baths, the Gothic Room and the Servants’ Room. Both the Patio of Honour and the Gothic Room are used for all important ceremonies during the stay of the royal family. During Arab rule, Palma was a strategic point on the island. During those times, Palma was also expanded and one of the settlements was named “Al-Mudayna”, which is also where the original name of the palace comes from.

A walk through the palace does not take long, all the rooms are described in several languages. Apart from the architecture, you can also admire the old ceramics, paintings, portraits of rulers, carpets, sculptures or even the recluses that are in the chapel of the palace. I think that visiting such places during your stay on the island is a great idea, especially if you are staying in the vicinity of the capital. It takes a full day to visit the capital and its sights in my opinion. Together with transport and a food break. You can find a one-day itinerary for visiting the capital on my blog. Just type “Palma” in the magnifying glass.

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