All inclusive on Majorca prohibited.

All Inclusive in Majorca is to be banned. In January 2019, many articles appeared on the Internet and newspapers regarding the introduction of an all-inclusive ban in hotels. Okay, I admit that I caught myself on this clickbait title. How will all this look in practice?

Surely many of you have heard about the famous parties in Majorca?

Just! Everyone who wants to party in Majorca is going to El Arenal, Magaluf or Playa de Palma. This is where there are the most clubs, all those who love to play in clubs and swim naked at night in the sea come there. Some of you have certainly seen photos from Majorkan beaches, where groups of people sit drinking alcohol from a bucket the size of your kitchen trash bins. : D

all inclusive na majorce
Unfortunately, police and government are unable to deal with drunken tourists in Majorca.

Those of you who were in the above-mentioned areas certainly know what I mean. At least once a week, the newspapers publish an article about tourists being beaten by police officers. Recently, one of the policemen was even drowned by a German tourist in the sea. Beatings, nudity, sex on the streets, on car bonnets or on balconies and drugs are a common sight in El Arenal, Magaluf or Palma. I don’t have to mention rapes and thefts and many others.

It so happens that the government has decided to change it.

Of course, you can’t do everything at once. The government has said that they do not want Majorca to be associated with this type of tourism. It also involves littering of the environment. I do not know when, because since January I have not heard anything more about the implementation of this law. However, I know that already at this point, on a trial basis, some hotels in those regions introduced alcohol restrictions in all inclusive hotels.

From now on, alcohol in all inclusive hotels in Mallorca is only issued during the dining room opening times.

In addition, alcohol can only be provided by a hotel employee. Some hotels have also introduced the principle of using glasses instead of plastic cups (outside the pool). This is to reduce the use of plastic and littering the beaches with plastic removed from the hotel. The same goes for the hotel using disposable cutlery and plates. From now on, some hotels will only use normal cutlery and plates. Many tourists staying in all in hotels brought their food and drink to the beach. What is prohibited by law. Hence the introduction of new rules.

For now, the above rules are only introduced in some “volunteer” hotels.

After examining the improvement, this law will probably be introduced to the rest of the hotels with the all inclusive option. In my opinion, this should help the authorities to some extent to maintain greater order in those areas. How will it look in practice? We’ll see. I think that the surroundings of El Arenal and Magaluf are unfortunately neither safe nor clean. I believe that the party will not hurt anyone, but Majorca should not be a place where people come to ‘release the brakes’.

all inclusive na majorce
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