Playa Es Caragol

Majorca’s wild beaches are the most common question people ask me. The truth is that Majorca no
longer has wild beaches. We call them that because it’s harder to get to them, but the only time you find
these beaches without people is winter. When Majorca turns into a zombie island. Today I will show you
some photos from Playa Es Caragol and tell you how to get there.

How to get to Playa Es Caragol?

You can get there by boat or on foot from Cap de Ses Salines. You can also park your car at Cap de Ses
Salines. There is no parking, but cars are parked on the roadside. After reaching the Cap de Ses Salines
we must go to the right. Going straight for 15 minutes, we get to Es Caragol Beach. I immediately warn
you that it’s good to have comfortable shoes with you. In addition, I must mention that Google Maps
shows the shortest route through closed, private roads. That’s why I recommend taking the direction for
Cap de Ses Salines. You cannot get to Es Caragol beach by bus.

Is it worth going to Playa Es Caragol?

To be honest, I think Es Trenc is much nicer, and you can get there by car and it is teeming with life. Access to Playa Es Caragol is not the heaviest or the longest, but nevertheless, this beach doesn’t stand out. Well, it’s a nudist beach, so you’ll definitely meet completely naked people there. And remember to
respect that. Es Caragol beach is small, the water is crystal clear and the beach is sandy. You will also
find a place in the shade there, but if you want to be close to the water, I recommend taking an umbrella.There are no bars, toilets, showers or trash cans on the beach. Therefore, be sure to stock up and take your rubbish with you.

Playa Es Caragol is an ideal romantic sunset spot!

Same as Cap de Ses Salines. On the way to Es Caragol beach, we can admire the neighboring island of
Cabrera, which is one big national park. This area is visited by yachts and ships, which is why the sunset
will be varied by the view. Along the way to Es Caragol beach, you can see that people are already
crashing on the rocks, who also benefit from the fact that there are not many people in the area and relax naked. Here, I heartily recommend buying shoes for walking on rocks, if you decide to break up right here.

More photos and reports can be found on my instagram, in highlighted stories ( In addition to the Es
Caragol beach, you’ll also find places like Playa Es Trenc, Calo des Moro (, Palma de Mallorca ( and many
more. If you would like to go to a restaurant near the beach, I would recommend the Cassai restaurant to you. I also recommend booking a table in advance, because there may not be space on site.