What do Mallorcans think about tourists?

What do Mallorcans think about tourists – this is a question I encounter quite often. Many people think that locals hate tourists and have a bad attitude towards them. But is it really so? What do Mallorcans really think about tourists? As I was neither born nor raised on the island, I decided to ask a colleague from my former job for her opinion on this topic.

Laura is a very nice Mallorcan woman who I worked with at the front desk of the hotel. Laura is an English teacher by education. During her studies she worked in tourism. As we both live in tourist places, we can speak a little bit about our feelings towards tourists. However, I will express my opinion at the end of this post. In the meantime, I invite you to read the interview, where you can get to know Laura and her approach to the matter and find out what Mallorcans think about tourists!

I also have to add that in this interview there will also be a lot of information about working as a teacher in Mallorca and a little bit about education. So it will be a little resource for teachers who want to move to Mallorca.

What is your name, how old are you, and where do you live in Mallorca?

My name is Laura, I am 29 years old and I live in Son Servera.

As a resident of Mallorca, do you think it is a good place to live?

Mallorca is the BEST place to live!

What are your plans for life?

To spend time with my family and friends and have the opportunity to pursue my hobbies. To have a job that allows me to live, travel and enjoy it. To live in peace and enjoy life.

Where did your idea to become an English teacher come from?

I always wanted to be a teacher. I was an au pair for a while, I learned English then, and then I realized what I wanted to do in life. (Au pair is something like a babysitter/housekeeper abroad)

Were there a lot of people from foreign countries at your school?

No, only those who came on exchange from Erasmus.

In your opinion, what is the attitude towards people from abroad in schools?

Same as to the locals, I think. If you are able to understand the language, it’s all good.

What do you think about education in Mallorca? Is the level high?

I would say average, but I can’t compare it to any other places.

I heard that in Mallorca teachers are addressed as “You” instead of “Mr./Ms.” Is it true?

Yes, we don’t refer to them as “you”, we refer to them by their first name. I think that’s the most comfortable way.

What languages do they teach in Majorcan schools?

Catalan, Castilian (Spanish) and English.

Do you think it’s a good idea to teach children so many languages?

Of course! Children are like sponges. As children, we have a much greater ability to learn sounds, which allows us to learn many languages.

You speak a Majorcan dialect (mallorquin). At school you speak Catalan and Castilian. Which language/dialect is your favorite and why?

For me, Majorcan because it is my native language. It is the language in which I think. We don’t learn Catalan, we learn the Majorcan dialect. It’s the same as in Andalusia, they learn Castilian (Spanish) there, but they also learn their own dialect anyway. It’s the same in Scotland, they speak English but with a special accent.

Do you think immigrants should at least know Spanish? Do you think they should also know Catalan?

I think it’s important for immigrants to learn the language of the place they’re going to. Or at least try to. I know it’s very difficult to learn Catalan (it’s practically the same as the Majorcan dialect) and I understand that it’s easier to just learn one language. If I go to Poland and want to go to school, I’ll have to learn the language, right?

I have heard many times that Mallorcans do not like immigrants and tourists. I think this is definitely the opinion of older citizens though. What do you think about this?

In Mallorca we live off tourists! These days we are more used to more immigrants than we used to be.

Laura, where did you study?

At first I studied in the town of Son Servera and then I studied in the capital, Palma.

How long did your studies take?

They lasted four years.

What were the exams like at the university? Were they frequent?

It all depended on the teacher and the subject. Sometimes we had exams every month, and sometimes just one at the end of the semester.

How do you grade in schools in Mallorca?

From 0 to 10. 10 is the best score, and it seems to have 5 points already.

If you don’t pass the exam, do you have the option to make amends?

Of course, one has a second chance. The terms are the same and there are no additional costs involved.

If you are going to go to college here, do you have to pay for it, or are there public schools?

Everything is free until Matriculation, unfortunately you have to pay for college.

Are there scholarships in Mallorca?

Yes, of course!

In your opinion, do young people have a lot of opportunities in Mallorca? Do they have the chance to develop without the help of their parents?

It’s a bit complicated, due to the fact that you need money for college every year. Additionally, if you have to live in Palma, you also have to have money to live. In my case, I had a job for 6 months, which helped me a lot to pay for my studies.

Did you have any trouble finding a job in your profession?

To work as a teacher you must have good grades and earned credits. Points are earned through courses, among other things. After finishing school there is a year in which you have no chance of getting a job in a public school. However, it is easier to find a job if you go to the neighboring islands, to Menorca or Ibiza.

How to find a job as a teacher? Where to look for it?

For public schools, you must enroll and the Ministry of Education gives you the opportunity to work as a substitute, which can last from a week up to the entire school year.

Do young people who choose to study in mainland Spain do so for broader perspectives and opportunities? Can they work in the Balearic Islands after earning their degrees there?

Of course they do! If someone goes to mainland Spain, they usually do so because there is no other option in Mallorca. They also often go to study at more prestigious universities.

At the moment you live in Mallorca and work in Ibiza. What about commuting costs, food and accommodation?

It’s very difficult… Renting an apartment in Ibiza is a huge cost. You will pay more for a room in Ibiza than for an apartment in Mallorca (of course, depending on the region on the island). Additionally, they don’t allow you to rent an apartment during the hottest seasons because of the tourists. When it comes to food costs, they are the same as in Mallorca. Luckily, when it comes to travel, we have resident discounts on flights and the ferry, so that helps a lot!

What do you think of such a system?

Honestly, it could be easier, especially since when you’re done substituting you have to wait almost a year (if it’s public schools) and then you’ll probably have to go to another island and it all drags on like that…. Moving away from that, you also don’t know exactly how long you’ll have a job for, because you’re only substituting for a sick teacher or a pregnant teacher etc. However, after a few years you have the option to work for a full year, which looks a whole lot better!

Now for questions from a different angle! What do you think about transportation in Mallorca?

It’s a bit of a nightmare… During the season it’s not so bad, but in the winter…. (it’s a shame to say).

What do you think about health care on the island?

It is ok, but I think we should spend more money on health care and education!

Do you think the government should allocate more money and pay more attention to the people and ecology on the island?

Yes. We live off tourism, but we have to take care of the island, the beaches, etc., generally the world.

What would you change about Mallorca? And what would you never change?

I would change the way people treat the island. They don’t care about it. I would never change the culture, the food, the hidden places….

Have you ever thought about emigrating?

Yes, I even lived abroad for almost 2 years, but I came back….

Why do Spaniards love soccer so much? Is it really that important?

I can’t understand it myself, it gives me a headache (haha)!

What is your favorite Majorcan dish?

Sopas mallorquinas, pa amb oli, arros brut, sobrasada…. I can’t decide on one!

And dessert?

Ensaimda and coca de albercoc – cake with sobrasada and apricot!

Do you prefer beaches or bays?

The bays, the relaxing bays!

Do you prefer Sangria or Tunel, or maybe calimocho (wine with coca cola)? What is your favorite alcohol in Mallorca?

I don’t like either sangria or “hierbas” (meaning Tunnel), but for that I love, but I absolutely LOVE “Gin Xoriguer”, it is a gin made in Menorca!

Mountains or forests?


What event in Mallorca would you recommend to tourists?

“Verbenas” in the summer. Each town does their own outdoor events with live music, which is great in the summer!

When you work in the summer, do you regret not being able to enjoy the summer or go on vacation?

Totally sorry! I’m mega sorry.

If you could go anywhere on vacation without financial constraints, where would you go?

This is a very difficult question… I would visit all of Asia.

Would you prefer an all-inclusive vacation or more of a bed and breakfast?

I hate all-inclusive…

Active vacation or total relaxation?

Active, of course! And spend the last few days relaxing, especially if it’s a hot spot.

Many times at work they laughed at me that I eat salad for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. For Polish people meals and their times are of little importance, how is it with the Spanish? It seems to me that Spaniards must have a special time of eating, some kind of routine associated with it?

I remember laughing at that myself, sorry, haha! Our most important meal is lunch, which is the biggest meal of the day and we eat it around 2 p.m. For breakfast we normally eat bocadillo (a toasted baguette with cheese, olive oil, meat and a tomato smeared bottom) and coffee, cereal with milk, etc. And finally we have dinner, which is lighter than lunch, but if we go out to eat with friends, we usually end up with large amounts of food. Especially our beloved all ili (ajoli)!

Bocadillo with chicken or bocadillo with jamon serrano?

I can’t decide, I love both versions!

Green or black olives?

I’m having a very hard time deciding here too!

Coffee with milk or plain black coffee?

I can’t live without a decent cup of coffee with milk.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs! I don’t get along with cats…

Summer or Winter?


Favorite season of the year?


You win a million euros – what do you do with them?

I travel as much as I can!

Rural or urban?


Apartment or house?

House with garden.

What do you think about my blog? What do you think about a foreigner talking about Mallorca?

I think your blog is great. When I go somewhere, I always read blogs of people who have been to that place. The fact that a blog about Mallorca is run by a person from abroad is interesting. Locals rather do not have such blogs.

What do Mallorcans think about tourists? – MY OPINION.

I must admit that I have met many times with unpleasant comments about tourists from the locals. However, this is usually associated with a lack of respect for the place, culture, tradition and general cleanliness that they try to maintain on the island. What do Mallorcans think about tourists? While working at the front desk, my colleagues made their unflattering comments towards the hotel guests. However, this was due to the inappropriate behavior of guests – forcing better conditions, misinformation, lack of education in guests. We behave the same way in Poland.

And yes, there were also unnecessary comments, without much reason. However, we are all only human and it is a known fact that everyone makes comments whether in their thoughts or in their eyes. Also, if you are looking for an answer to this question, I have to worry about it, because the locals live their lives and everything is fine until someone steps on their toes. I might add that parking is definitely a big problem in Mallorca among the locals. Tourists park in unauthorized places, often on private property or grounds. Locals then boldly call the police. Now you know more or less what Mallorcans think about tourists. If you have any specific questions, I invite you to the comments section! 🙂

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